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In Recruiting Management, especially in admin function Manage Recruiting Settings, admins can define how External To Internal Candidate Profile Conversion is realized in the system.

Standard functionality enables admins to compare Candidate Profile fields with User fields, which is not a lot. Comparing a last name with from a candidate with a user last name might never work out successfully.

Most of the customers use a candidate's unique email as an global identifier to merge external candidate with an internal user. The downside with this approach is, that if automatic onboarding is not in place (means automatic transfer of the new hire to an leading HRIS), that someone from HR has to manually insert this private email adress in HRIS, the new user will be uploaded and comparison might work. Another downside might be that private email should not or was never stored before in HRIS, so another mechanism for comparison should be evaluted. It turned out that comparison other than email won't work successfully with one single field value.

In this blog post I'll try to give an idea to a more automatized way, comparing multiple fields for candidate conversion using Integration Center and Intelligent Services Center.




Recruiting Management, Foundation / BizX in place, leading HRIS is not SuccessFactors.

  1. An external candidate will be hired

  2. New user will be manually created in leading HRIS

  3. New user will be transferred to SuccessFactors automatically

  4. External to Internal conversion should be based on multiple fields not one single field


Create an unique identifier for a candidate based on multiple fields from candidate profile instead of one single field.

Use fields which mandatorily have to be entered into leading HRIS any way (private email might not be necessary at all).


Also applies to

Using Intelligent Services and Integration Center to execute an action upon candidate profile changes.



  1. Add a new custom field to candidate profile via Manage Templates -> Candidate Profile Template -> Add custom field (do it yourself or via implementation partner)Requires: RBP authorization to Manage Templates

  2. Navigate to Intelligent Services Center and find Event "Update of Candidate Profile"
    Create a new Custom Action and create a new Integration.
    This requires Activation and RBP access to Intelligent Services Center (ISC)

  3. Define the integration using Entity Candidate. Requires RBP access to Integration Centera) Associate candidateId with candidateId (this id will be provided through ISC flow and no filter is necessary)
    b) Associate your candidate profile unique id field with a calculated field and concatenate all fields as desired into the unique identifier field (dont forget to remove whitespaces for a better comparison), in my example I concatenate name with address data.

  4. Do not define any filters, just save the integration.
    As mentioned, ISC provides one single candidateId to the integration flow.

  5. Edit the External to Internal Candidate Conversion in Manage Recruiting Settings according to your internal field.

  6. Now define which employee field should be used for comparisonThis could be a custom field filled in leading HRIS or another integration flow enhancing user with the comparison identifier.



A quite straight forward approach with Integration Center and Intelligent Services.

In this case a good approach to switch from single fields to multiple fields when it comes to external to internal candidate conversion.