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Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!!

I thought of writing this blog post on Email notifications trigger in Recruitment process to support many who are new to SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment or interested to learn new modules.

This blog post will primarily focus on simple,  yet powerful RCM Email notifications and triggers features.

Pre requisites:

RCM module is configured.

Candidate Application status summary is set

Recruiting roles and Teams are defined in the Job Requisition templates.


Recruitment Email Template:

The very first step is to configure Email templates for the business scenarios.

We might want to trigger automatic emails in the following cases:

  1. You want to inform Interviewers about the new candidate application.

  2. You might want to notify a department if the candidate has cleared any preliminary tests.

  3. If, in case the candidate fails the interview, we can trigger a mail notification to his mail ID informing him about his performances. And for many other reasons we send automatic mail notifications from the SF system.


1.RBP Permission:

Admin center-> Manage Recruiting Email Templates


2. Creating New Email Template.

As shown below, Enable or Disable the CC and BCC section for your email templates suitably.


Recruiting Email Template


It is very much necessary that you configure the Template in the language that the receipt is used with. For instance, if you have configured your email in English US , but your receipt is following English UK, then he might not be able to read the customized message.


So the best practice is to configure the template with all the languages as required.


Add New Template


If you could not view the language under the drop down or the “Change language” section itself is empty.


Then navigate to “Recruiting languages” to enable the languages for the RCM module as shown below:


Recruiting Language


Template Name: Once the language is set, provide a suitable name for your email template.

Status: Set the status to Enabled or Disabled if you don’t want to use the template.

SMS Status:  Set the SMS feature to Enabled/Disabled as per the requirement.

Associate Triggers: You can also associate this email template with standard triggering events. I have covered this topic at latter part of this blog post.

You can also add tokens to the email to make it suitable for all kinds of receiver.

For instance, you can use [[CANDIDATE_FULL_NAME]] token to dynamically place the candidate name in the placeholder so that the same template could be used for all the candidates.

You can click on the “Show Tokens” link to view all the standard tokens available for the Email Templates.


Standard Tokens


We can also create customized tokens as per our requirement. However, this can be done only via Provisioning by certified partner or consultant.

3. Custom Tokens

Provisioning system-> Select your Company ID-> Manage Recruiting-> Configure custom tokens.

We can configure custom tokens for any custom fields created in Job Requisition XML template or, the Application XML template, or the Job Offer Detail XML template.

We can enter the Field ID of how we need to call this token and map it suitably.

Custom Tokens


Once configuring our email with necessary tokens, we can validate and save the template.

We can make use of this Email template in Candidate application summary or in Recruiting Email triggers section.


4.Candidate Application summary:

We can automatically trigger mail notifications from the system to the suitable recipient each time when the candidate is placed on a particular tile for which we have already mapped our Email template.


Candidate Application


For instance, if you would like to send Email notification to candidate, when he/she is   placed under the “On Board” tile, or when he is placed in the “Disqualified” Tile, we can simply map our email template against the status suitably. We can also delay the mail sent to the disqualified candidate using Recruiting settings.

To achieve this, navigate to “Edit Applicant Status configuration” from admin center. To know more about Applicant status configuration kindly visit my  another blog post:




Applicant Status Configuration


Once you reach the Edit Candidate applicant page, select the status or Tile on which you want the system to send auto mail notification.

Choose the template suitably against the receipt and save the changes.

Applicant status settings


Similarly, we can also send the mail notifications to the standard recruiting roles/group like Primary Coordinators, recruiting team or hiring manager on different business scenarios as per the requirement.

We can customize the email templates suiting the recipients and the system automatically triggers the mail notification once the candidate is placed on the respective tile.


Recruiting Email Triggers

There are scenarios where you might want the system to trigger mail notification not only based on the candidate progress but based on certain actions performed in the system.  Recruiting Email triggers with its predefined actions would serve this purpose.

For instance, when the Job requisition is created or when it is being changed or even deleted, you might want to notify the admin department about all these actions with a customized email.

We can also configure the mail templates to get it triggered when the candidate is invited to apply for the job post or when candidate updates his application and in many other cases.

Path: Admin center->Recruiting Email Triggers

Email Triggers



All the templates that we created would be listed for us to select . We can also add recipients at any time as per the business requirement

It is always suggested to validate the tokens before saving the setup as we have different tokens supporting different actions.


I hope after reading this blog post, you would have more understanding on how to configure and use the email templates in SuccessFactors Recruiting module. You would have also learnt about how to create custom tokens for the email templates, how to add/modify languages and other related features. This simple and yet powerful tool suits majority of the business applications and requirements.



  • We only have a predefined actions for which we can configure the Email templates. We cannot have any custom action added.

  • All the tokens configured in our email template need not support all the actions and we might need to view the supported tokens before assigning the template to the action triggers.


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Stay safe and healthy

Thank you
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