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Successfactors has provided standard country validations check that can be used in Payment Information. But some customers don't want this validations as in some cases validations are dependent on one field with other field.

If you delete the validation for one of the field then it will given an error saying that this validation is dependent on other validation.

So how to have the validations without using standard country check validations.



Lets take an example for New Zealand Country

Successfactors standard country validations are as below and need the validation only for Account Number field.


Customer does not use Routing Number field on the Payment Information for New Zealand. Hence now let me try to remove the Routing Number standard validation.


Now let me save. I will get the below error.


Lets don't use the Standard Validation check for New Zealand Country and remove all.

Now try to create a Business Rule using expression to Validate Account Number.


Write the rule as below:


Assign this rule in Payment Information Detail Object.

It works as needed for Customer ie., account number validation to check Employee or Admin has entered 16 digit number with 3 "- " in between as mentioned in the rule under expression. Hence it will give an error message if it is entered wrong.

This solves the requirement of validation using business rule.

Above is just one of the scenario.

We can create the Business rule by using number of expressions as per client requirement.


List of some of the expressions that can be used in the rule as below:

Each validation will require a specific regular expression. Please refer to the below expression:

Only digits from 0-9: ^[0-9]+$

Only alphabet letters: ^[a-zA-Z]+$

Only upper/lowercase alphabet letters: ^[A-Z]+$ OR ^[a-z]+$

Only alphanumeric: ^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$

If you want to include space ( ) in the above validations, you need to include a space, a non-breaking space, after the last value, as the following example (Notice the space after the number 9):

Without Space: ^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$

With Space: ^[a-zA-Z0-9 ]+$

To validate any format above with a specific length, you will be using the following expression. You can change the length limit to any number.

Only digits with a length of 1-20: \d{1,20}

Only alphabet letters with a length of 20: [a-zA-Z]{20}

Only alphanumeric with a length of 20: [a-zA-Z0-9]{20}

To add any special character and create a format, you need to follow the next example.

For this example, the US Phone format will be used "+1 (111) 222-333":

[+]\d{1,2}[ ][(]\d{3}[)][ ]\d{3}[-]\d{3}


Hope it was very useful.


Thanks a lot.

Venkata Subbarao Pathangi

Active Participant
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Very Useful Venkat. We faced similar situation.
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Saved my time . Thanks Venkat
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