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Human resource department handles all personal data of any organization. As we know that automation has taken place everywhere that is mainly driven by either machine learning, artificial intelligence, or the big data analytics.

Any process that is defined and mapped as a separate component can be automated with the help of a software product. So, as we know that today everything is being automated and so as the various departments of the organization including human resource too. It is also known as Human Capital Management.

Today, through this blog, we are going to discuss HR digitization or automation and will also enlist few tips for HR digitization. Here, we will discuss SuccessFactors software tool set of SAP that it majorly designed for the HR department only.

Digital Transformation in HR with SuccessFactors

It is quite clear that HR digitization is not just about replacing existing technology with the latest one. Today, every business is investing in HR technology. When the automation is being done then it may help in two ways one is the digitization of HR operations and the second one is to make the organization human-oriented by using automation.

For the same purpose, German software company SAP bought a separate module “SuccessFactors” for HR professionals in 2011. It gave a new way to CRM and ERP modules that were mostly used by the organization. It is personal software that is used to manage all employees related to work and tasks.

How SuccessFactors SAP Module Helps HR Digitally?

SuccessFactors camp of SAP has provided the latest product to assist the HR department of the organizations. The very first module of this product is the beta form that has a number of test case customers and it is software that is designed to recommend and guide the actions of workers on the basis of their verbal and written questions or commands. SAP has been used most of the ML or machine learning components in this module that is known as Leonardo’s design thinking. Due to its machine learning property, the software can learn by itself and identify the type of user requests that may be made by the HR professionals.

SAP CoPilot bot framework has been used as a digital assistant in this new module along with SAP Leonardo machine learning so that a conversational experience can be provided to the user. Other collaboration platforms that are used here are the Slack and Microsoft Teams. It provides the following features as per SAP executive:

  • Users can chat and ask the questions and give the command to chatbots just like a regular person.

  • Any informal and unstructured speech of user can be contextualized and analyzed so that actions can be executed and to present the business objects to the user.

  • Business objects and options can be presented in a more conversational way with the help of this module.

Human Talent Metrics

As per global head of Marketing Kirsten Allegri Williams, SAP has more than 2,000 talent metrics and it can also interpret the information as well. Moreover, the analysis and business issues can be accelerated through the workforce. Various metrics that are provided by the software are listed below.

“Several imperative metrics that are used and provided by SAP SuccessFactors module are hiring, mobility, learning, a span of control, absence performance, compensation, demographics and diversity, payroll, leadership and succession, turnover and retention along with several business outcomes like business growth, profitability, and revenues.”

Most of the software of SAP are business-analytics oriented that are used to track the happenings of the Company, especially their operational models to a fine degree. So, it can be said that SuccessFactors of SAP is focused on both humanity and digitization.

HR Humanity in Digitized Form

So, you might be thinking that how this new SAP is really different from the traditionally used HR software, or will this new SAP HR module will make the operations more digital, then the answer here is no. As the module will be more human-oriented and the facts supporting this statement are given below:

“The module is implemented and embraced correctly and in a historical way that has multiple channels of access. If all of these channels will be applied properly then digital HR can easily provide unbiased and equality-based decisions for human well-being. As through this there will be a transparency between actual doings and assigned tasks to the employees.”

So, we can say that SAP has tried to provide a perfect module to digitize the HR department that has a balanced performance. It can provide a human and digital-oriented platform to the user.

Considerable Tips for the HR Digitization

In this section, we are going to enlist a few tips for the organizations that are going to digitize their HR operations:

  • Prepare a proper project planning to implement changes and managing various change phases. It may include testing and training plans and comprehensive communication.

  • Be future oriented and think for tomorrow, in other words, try to be a visionary.

  • Identify key measures of success or KPIs. Know the metrics that will help you in attaining your goals

  • Conduct regular meetings to have proper communication it will help you in attaining your goal

  • Use consultants and advisors to collect and use their knowledge and expertise, use them only as advisors not treat them as a decision maker

  • Leverage new methodologies to create and foster new roles. Moreover, train and identify service providers, resource managers, and others.

  • Try to develop skills at every level of the employees in your organization

  • Strive for continuous development

  • Provide a learning climate to the organization

In this way, you can digitize the HR department of your organization and take many beneficial decisions.

The HR module that was offered by SAP has wider exposure and it can digitally capture and empower many more staff actions in the workplace. Through SAP module, employee’s information can be channelized in a vast proposition so that enterprises can become Intelligent Enterprises. The Company insisted that their HR module can turn the organizations towards human-oriented and more focused for their needs. The SuccessFactors software toolset is expanded with the same objective and the strategic aim in mind.

Final Words

Here, we have discussed the SuccessFactor module of SAP that is popular among several organizations. The SAP is not a new name in the software industry, in fact, many other of its modules are being used by the organizations. In this module, the company has introduced machine learning and artificial intelligence, so the popularity has been increased immensely as compared to other modules and many organizations have already started using the same for human-oriented operations and automated HR digitization.