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We are just about to start and I like share some hot reflections about the Project from today’s point of view. We have SAP ERECRUIT stand-alone with some ALE integration with HCM in SAP ERP ver. 6.0. The EHP is different – on ERP we have 5 and ERECRUIT 6. The NW and SAP Portal are on the 7,31 level.

  1. 1. SAP ERECRUIT is ideal subject of Agile implementation. My strong recommendation is not to waste time for blueprint preparation – the best way is to do the lean-blueprint and get the dev and test system on the place. I recommend even to make pilot going live with standard RDS configuration.

  1. 2. Configuration of SAP ERECRUIT is very easy and even if you like to have the system in other shape than in RDS it should consume not much time. On the other hand the RDS setup is not 100% predictable and there is need of individual digging to get all working as it should be (like e-mail enablement).

  1. 3. As usual the consultants like to make many extensions on every demand – please consider and postpone them and if possible leave to the testing time. If the extension do not have „must“ priority I recommend to give the prototype for users and to check in practice if the foreseen extensions are really necessary.

  1. 4. SAP ERECRUIT is very intuitive what means that the special trainings are not necessary – by more users the e-Learning means are sufficient.

  1. 5. Last but not least – the personal data protection regulations. The understanding of the regulations in every country is subject of many misunderstandings and even myths. Handling of this area is often underestimated as well as overestimated. That is the reason on my project I had to engage in this area. Now I see that SAP ERECRUIT gives the possibility to comply on the standard RDS level and to be clear there are some organizational means to provide.

In short words: SAP ERECRUI is very good product for most recruitment needs. It can be implemented even in very short time. I think also that is SAP ERECRUIT for every business model – even as outsourced service.