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Payment information is one the most important data for Payroll processing. This should not be change frequently. We can have approval process to make the Payment information effective post proper approval stages.

We can restrict a user to modify/change Payment Information data more than once in day. No approval workflow will triggered post one change/modification per day.

This can achieved by created one custom field in Payment information MDF object and one business rule.

Configuration steps are explained below

Configuration Step 1: Create one custom field in Payment Information Object to capture last modified data. As per SAP standard delivery there is no field available on Payment Information object to put a condition on last modified date.

Using “Configure Object Definitions” tool add one custom field in Payment Information MDF

Visibility of this field does not matter as this field is not mapped to UI screen. So I have kept it as editable.

Configuration Step 2: Create a Message Definition through “Manage data” tool


Configuration Step 3: Create a business rule by taking “Payment Information” as base object.



As per this rule, I am storing today’s date into “cust_modifieddate_test” field when record is created/change/modify very first time on any day and then comparing it with today. Every time “cust_modifieddate_test” or Last Modified Test field is changing to today’s date so that it works on every day.

If any changes have performed today then very first-time system will allow to create/change/modify the Payment Info/Bank Info and when user try to change/modify second time system will prompt error message.


Configuration Step 4: Assign business rule to Payment Information on Save Rules using “Configure Object Definitions” tool.



  1. Modification is Payment information 1st System will allow to save the record



2. Modification in Payment information 2nd System will not allow to save the record and it will                 prompt error message




In similar way we can design a solution to restrict a user to modify/change any portlet information multiple times in a day.

I hope, you find this blog post useful.


Thanks and Regards,

Ajay Hadda