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In the HRAI era, HR becomes AI Organizations are constantly seeking innovative methods to improve their HR procedures and employees' experience in the fast-paced world of modern business. In today's workplace, HR departments are under pressure to increase operational efficiency while providing strategic value at the same time.


There are several ways in which AI technology can enhance HR processes and systems. A variety of AI types are used within SAP SuccessFactors' Human Resources platform, from predictive AI to generational AI to conversational AI.

Artificial intelligence is a key component of SAP's portfolio

As AI is already integrated into your most critical business systems, we think it should be readily available on day 1. As a result of its extensive industry-specific data and deep knowledge of processes, it works across your entire business. It enables you to apply AI confidently since it is designed using responsible AI practices.  SAP's solution portfolio fully integrates AI capabilities across all major end-to-end business processes.



Where is AI being used in SAP SuccessFactors solutions?

Predictive AI: AI and ML technology that analyzes HXM data to make personalized recommendations

Ex: Talent intelligence hub, Job Analyzer, Career Explorer

Generative AI: Generative AI combined with the context of business data and business processes in the flow of work

Ex:  AI-powered writing assistant, Interview question generation

Conversational AI: AI-driven chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand and provide answers to many requests or perform certain tasks

Ex: SAP Digital Assistant

Let’s take a look at where SAP AI capabilities are being embedded in the SAP SuccessFactors solution suite.

Job Analyzer:

The Job Analyzer is designed to help you create the best job description possible by providing salary and language recommendations. This unique capability is made possible by the use of machine learning techniques, combined with historical applicant data to determine any gender-biased language.

Currently, gender bias scan and skills analysis are available for any English language Job Requisition, while salary analysis is only available for jobs located in the US.


Career Explorer

SAP SuccessFactors Career Explorer uses machine learning technology to suggest career opportunities based on the career paths of similar employees.

It is often difficult to achieve career growth through one-size-fits-all approaches. Machine learning is used by SAP SuccessFactors to deliver personalized career recommendations through Career Explorer. AI-powered Career Explorer suggests new opportunities based on an employee's profile, skills, and similar colleagues' paths.

Employees can explore alternative career paths taken by other employees with shared interests and experiences rather than being restricted to traditional hierarchical career paths. It identifies unseen opportunities that employees might not have discovered otherwise through AI-driven approaches that respect individual preferences.



Personalized career development recommendations are available both within the SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace and as standalone tools. Considering their unique strengths and aspirations, employees can explore what is possible. Using AI to build talent platforms can ensure that workers and employers maximize their potential through data-driven, personalized guidance.

SAP SuccessFactors AI-powered talent intelligence hub

The Talent Intelligence Hub is made of up three key areas.



  • Your strengths and styles, skills, capabilities, preferences, traits and many other qualities are all part of our Attributes Library



  • Users can decide what information they want to record and what is important to them in their Growth Portfolio



  • All of this is made much more intelligent and useful through the Skills Ontology

Let’s go into Additional detail on these elements…

Attributes library

    • Collect and track skills and attributes important to your organization
    • Set up proficiency scales
    • Create and manage tags

Growth Portfolio

    • Provide an overview of each person’s skills and attributes
    • Allow workers to add attributes and help highlight hidden talents
    • Configure automated population using SAP SuccessFactors and external data
    • Integrate with Microsoft 365 to infer skills
    • Set up simple rating for self or others

Skills ontology

    • Draw on a dynamic collection of skills from Lightcast, O*NET, ESCO
    • Process with millions of global job postings
    • Power skills inference

Generative AI in SAP SuccessFactors

Generative AI enhances SAP SuccessFactors by automating HR processes, providing personalized employee experiences, and improving talent management with advanced insights.

  • Allows Innovations include generative AI for recruiting and learning, talent intelligence hub, and total workforce management.
  • Innovations aim to address critical skills gaps and improve employee experiences.
  • The possible integration of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central with SAP Fieldglass for holistic workforce management.
  • Integrates with SuccessFactors through SAP Cloud Platform’s secured APIs and can be extended to other SAP packages and third-party apps
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of generative AI in the context of Intelligent Service Orchestration (ISO) within SAP SuccessFactors (SF) or any HR system is essential to ensure that the AI-driven processes are delivering the desired outcomes and providing value to the organization.


Generative AI:  AI-powered writing assistant
Recruiters and hiring managers will be able to create hyper-tailored job descriptions using SAP SuccessFactors data and external data by integrating Azure OpenAI Service with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. In addition, interviewers will be prompted within Microsoft Teams to provide interview questions based on the candidate's resume/CV, the job description, and similar jobs before an interview. There will be bias checks built into both use cases to assist organizations with inclusive hiring practices. From 2H 2023, this will be available.

SachinPachauri_8-1706724902871.pngAlso, Microsoft Teams will prompt interviewers to prepare interview questions based on each candidate's resume before meetings. Bias checks are built into both functionalities to support inclusive hiring.

SAP and Microsoft are also working together to bring generative AI assistants to SuccessFactors users. Hiring managers collaborate with the Writing Assistant by using enhanced job descriptions created in Word. Copilot, an intelligent bot in Office 365, is tapped to provide unbiased suggestions using SAP SuccessFactors data.




By planning these integrations, SAP demonstrates its commitment to harness generative AI's potential while maintaining a responsible and ethical approach.

Generative AI:  Performance Goals & Development Goals
Using generative AI, create meaningful and inspiring performance and development goals


Note: This will be available in Q2 2024

Transforming the HR Experience with Conversational AI

As AI becomes more prevalent, chatbots and virtual assistants will revolutionize employee interactions with HR. With innovations like SAP Digital Assistant, SAP is at the forefront of this change.

With Smart Interactions beyond the usual chat, The SAP Digital Assistant utilizes natural language processing to provide you with a complete set of conversational interactions. The SAP Digital Assistant offers content discovery guidance within the SAP ecosystem via SAP Start and SAP SuccessFactors.


The HR industry has been revolutionized by SAP SuccessFactors

Recruitment, development, and day-to-day support are being revolutionized by artificial intelligence. With chatbots, skills analytics, writing assistants, and predictive tools, processes can be simplified and personalized. Additionally, they promote diversity and inclusion by providing unbiased insights.

The SAP HR platform integrates AI solutions into its comprehensive HR platform, making it a leader in this revolutionary era. SAP's offerings demonstrate the transformative power of AI, from its Talent Intelligence Hub to its Digital Assistant. Their tools empower HR to work strategically and enhance the employee experience.

Our greatest asset - the workforce - will continue to be developed, engaged, and inspired by AI in the future. In addition to improving employee experience and client satisfaction, visionary AI solution providers like SAP are paving the way for this AI-powered future.

Look for exciting collaborations and AI-driven solutions in upcoming releases.