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Knowing that SAP SuccessFactors is among the leading technologies offering Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions using Software as a Service (SaaS) model has created its own space today.

Recruiting is one of the part in SuccessFactors which helps the customers to ‘Attract’, ‘Engage’ and ‘Select’ the best talent match for their open positions. In process to find the best talent match across the globe from different sources, advertising of open jobs is very much essential on different job boards, Universities and social media platform. Recruiting Posting (RP) is a platform which helps the customer to market/post their open positions around 4000 job boards, School & Universities.

After Successfully implemented Recruiting Positing (RP) solution, I am happy to share my experience and some of lessons learned. It would be helpful for the other professional on some of the most important aspects during the RP implementation.

Brief History and Overview on RP:

  • SAP acquisition in 2015

  • Previously known as Multiposting, now named as ‘Recruiting Posting (RP)’

  • World leading job posting aggregator

  • Around 4000 channels (Job boards, Universities, social networks etc.)

  • Well integrated solution with SuccessFactors Recruitment Management (RCM) and Recruitment Marketing (RMK)


Traditional Approach V/S SAP’s Approach


Some other vendors available for job board posting:

  • eQuest

  • Solique

  • Broadbean

  • Recruiting Posting 

Start with Recruiting Posting (RP)

Being SAP SuccessFactors professional, you might aware that earlier Recruiting Positing (RP) solution is implemented by SAP only, but now it’s possible to be implement by Certified partner consultant. But still we need to coordination with SAP for few services and configuration changes.

Pre-requisite to know before start with RP:

  • Active RCM and RMK instance in Scope along with RP license

  • Job distribution sheet need to be filled by customer to understand the Job boards in scope

  • Client should have the license agreement with paid job boards

Steps to start RP configurations:

  • Enable the recruiting posting from provisioning

  • Update Recruiting Posting Base URL in Provisioning (Refer Imp Guide OR KBA note 2686521)

  • Setup RBP Permissions in Admin Center. Permissions can be set up as below (example),

  • Raise the incident with SAP to provision your system with recruiting posting (you need to share the data center information along with the company id)

  • Once provision is done, you can access the RP dashboard via ‘Admin Center -> Manage Recruiting Posting’.

Posting Profiles: Posting Profile is a job posting entity to be associated to one or several RCM users. One recruiter can have any number of different Posting Profiles. Posting Profiles allow to post a job on behalf of an organization / office / agency, or however you decide to name this Posting Profile entity.

NOTE: It is mandatory to have Posting Profiles into a group because a group is not able to post jobs. Posting Profile are able to post jobs.

Users to Posting Profile Association: Associate a user RCM to a Posting Profile RP. On the left list, the synchronized Recruiting users are displayed. Recruiting users are granted with RBP permission will be synchronized during the daily user synchronization in Recruiting Posting system (Job run daily @ 05.00 GMT).

Job Board Market Place: Place to search and add the available job boards in RP. If Job Boards are not available on the Job Board Market Place, integration requests can be made through the customer’s interface. Note that each customer is limited to 10 requests per civil year.

My Job Boards: Added job boards from job board market place will reflect here. To make a Job board operational, you need to follow the below 3 steps:

  • Adding or modifying Job Board configurations

  • Associating Posting Profiles to the Job Board

  • Adding or modifying contracts

NOTE: Associate Posting Profiles to Job Board is MANDATORY

My School Job Boards: Added universities/school’s boards from job board market place will reflect here. To post the job on school job board, posting profile should be associated.

Job Field Mapping: You can automate the filling of your job posting fields based on the Job Requisition fields values. To make this mapping operational, it is mandatory to grant the admin and recruiter users with the “OData API Job Requisition Export” permission in Admin Center/RBP.

Also, you should first make sure that in the instance’s Job Requisition template, there are relevant fields which can host the values requested into the job posting fields of Recruiting Posting.

Steps to post the job using RP – ‘Time for Posting’

  • Go to RCM Job Requisition list

  • Select actions and choose “Job Postings”

  • Make sure that the status is “Posted” for at least “External Posting” Or set posting dates for at least “External Posting” then go to “Post Job”

  • Start your job posting in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting with “Post and Manage Jobs” button

  • Select the posting profile to post your job with

  • See credits availability among your associated posting profiles

  • First check that common fields and company profile information are filled

  • Then fill specific fields for each job board

  • Fields in error are highlighted and Expected format instructions are displayed

  • Review your posting information and click on submit button at bottom right corner

  • Once click on submit button, Recruiter (Recruiting user) is redirected to the “Job Posting” page

  • Go again to “Post & Manage Jobs”

  • Access the Job Posting dashboard to follow up the posting

Recruiting Posting - Implementation Learning

  • In Test Environment - Job post status always be ‘pending’. Means actual job posting will be in PROD environment only.

  • You will not be able to access the RP dashboard until the provision is not done by SAP

  • We (being partner consultant) cannot add the default value for fields on RP screen. Need to raise incident with SAP and they will setup in backend.

  • What’s not possible:

  • Hide the fields on RP screen

  • Customize the fields under RP screen (Common & Job boards fields)

  • Add the instruction text with fields

  • Error 404: Can be experience during job posting if issue with RCM side and data will not sync proper from RCM to RP.

  • Mapping for location field (Object type - Multiple Location) RCM to RP is not possible.

  • If customer has two vendors for job posting (example: RP & Broadbean), then both can be use in parallel if Job boards are ready to accept two feeds from different vendors.

  • Most Important: you might need to coordinate with Job boards for credentials to integrate job boards with RP

Understanding some of these essential topics will assist better in the preparation to kick start a Recruiting Posting implementation with confidence.

It would be helpful for others who are working or look forward to start work on Recruiting Posting. Please share this post to help other SuccessFactors Consultants.

I have shared my experience to put all the pointers together and hope you like this post. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below and share your experiences of your leanings and recommendations……. Happy Learning ?