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I hold RMK close to my heart, it was my first project with Veritas Prime, an internal project to implement RMK into our own system. This began in October 2016, a year since that project I have seen significant growth in this module, as an RMK certified SAP Implementation Consultant I am very excited to continue seeing advances in this module.

On the RMK side, these new releases focus heavily on data privacy, including introducing new security tools. An Audit Logging of Changed User Data will apply to all RMK accounts, previous customers and new customers, and this will automated the process to track changes to personally identification information in RMK. This data will be stored for reporting, the before and after values will be stored in this report, the user that made the changes along with the date and time. This will satisfy new regulations, and client concerns as they now have the ability to draft two different reports easily. The first is the information report, which is basically a snap shot of the individual’s personal information. The second report is the change report, that identifies the field that was changed, the before and after values, who made that change along with the data and time.

These reports can be found in CSB within the new Data Privacy and Security Settings toolbar. Within this tool, you can simply search the user, typically by email, once you select that candidate you have the option to generate both reports, which only a limited number of people should have permissions too.

Within this same toolbar, SAP has added a new Data Privacy Consent Statement. Previously, when the candidate accepted the privacy policy, this was static. This new tool, allows you to publish different versions of your Data Privacy Consent Statement, and this will automatically send the update to all candidates within your system. With this new functionality, allows you to make changes to your data privacy consent statement without the need of SAP or Professional Services to make changes for you. SuccessFactors also added a couple fields, which allow you to pull reports to determine which candidates have accepted the new terms, and who has not. This helps organize your candidates to determine who has not accepted, and send emails requesting them to accept the new terms. For previous customers, the release will automatically transfer your privacy policy data to this new tool. Clients will also receive a URL, for any candidate who does not wish to accept the new terms, they can select this URL, and will be prompted to another tab to remove themself from the system.

Data Privacy Consent Statements are generated by locale, so there is one default template, and all the other locales will typically be a basic translation of the default template. However, this new functionality allows you to make changes to one locale, and only publish the new version with that locale. This allows you to make updates to specific locales, instead of updating the whole population within your Talent Community.

With this new release, candidates will now have the option to opt-in/opt-out of information passed from the recruiting marketing team as part of the talent community. The candidate now has the ability to choose from two different options to opt-in/opt-out; to receive new job posting notifications or hear more about Career Opportunities. When Candidate Account Simplification is enabled, you can select whether the default is opt-in or opt-out in the Admin Center. This new functionality does require Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Management, but this is another important tool to satisfy the new EU Data Privacy Reform and satisfy customer’s requests over the years.

The last Major Recruiting Marketing Enhancement is the ability for SAP Partners to configure Advanced Analytics if you have both RCM and RMK. This new feature significantly reduced the number of hours to configure, along with simplifying the process. This new feature will be located in the command center, with more information in the Recruiting Management Implementation Guide.


Summary of Minor RMK Enhancements

  1. Data Privacy and Protection: Updates to Handling of IP Data

- SAP has changed the ways it handles IP Data in many different ways to alleviate privacy concerns. SAP is no longer storing the IP address, IP domain, IP ISP and IP Zip, they have also rounded the Latitude and Longitude to two decimal places. This allows clients to user the member and visitor maps, without concern to turn off IP tracking due to privacy concerns associated with the IP information.

  1. CSB Google Maps Region Selector

- Google Maps typically displays a default bias toward the US. Now you can override this behavior by adding a region parameter to alter or bias your map (such as biasing geocoding towards a region). Allowing the clients to change how the map is presented to the site visitor by altering tiles used to display data and drawing on the map.


Hopefully I answered all your questions on the most recent RMK Release, but if you would like to see more details, minor changes or listen to the recording yourself, that information can be found at: