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Data Privacy Consent Statement (DPCS) is an important disclaimer that every organization needs to declare when candidate is submitting their personal detail.

The size of the DPCS depends on the company’s policy. Sometimes it can be 4 lines crisp statement or sometime it can be a 4 pages detailed statement. In any case we need to put exactly the same statement on the website.

In SAP Recruiting Marketing landing pages, we have seen that a detailed DPCS statement goes out of the screen and double scroll bar appears on the right side of the screen. Which is sometime confusing for the candidates and hard to control on different devices.

This behavior is usually pointed by the branding and marketing team of the organization, and this can start a whole new debate.


In this blog you will learn,

How we can reduce the size of the box and put the scroll bar inside the DPCS box.



  1. Customer should have license of RCM and RMK.

  2. Use CRM Should be enabled in the Command Center.


Steps to Achieve

Step 1: In Career Site Builder, navigate to the respective Landing Page and add Custom Plugin.

Step 2: Open the Custom plugin and enter the below code in it.


#landingpagedpcs .modal-content{

height: 550px;




Step 3: Publish the page and reload the site.


There simple steps make the page more interactive and better looking then before. We can develop similar snippets to add more functionality or to beautify it further.


I hope this blog has answered the concern related to the Landing Page DPCS box. I will be happy to address any further question in the comments.
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