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In this blog, below are the steps that need to be followed Step by Step to create a Landing Page to collect Resumes from mass.


  1. Enable CRM

    1. Open Transaction Manage Career Site Builder.

    2. Navigate to Settings and Click Site Configuration

    3. Enable CRM (Candidate Relationship Management), as this will enable the forms.

  1. Create a form

    1. Navigate to Tools and Click Data Capture forms.

    2. Create a Blank form (e.g Job Fair 2024)

  1. Create a Landing Page

    1. Navigate to Pages and Click Landing

    2. Add a landing Page and enable Is Active

    3. In the Column 1 tab click Add Component button and Add Data Capture Form

    4. Click the Publish Button

    5. Click the Preview button and a new tab will appear, and you can see your page URL.

    6. Share this URL in the Job Fair or with the candidates to collect their resumes.

    7. Click the component to edit the Details or Styles (optional)

  1. Define Fields

    1. Now exit Career Builder and enter the transaction Configure Object Definition

    2. In the search select Object Definition and then Candidate Profile Extension

    3. Click Take Action and then Make Correction

    4. Add all the fields that are needed to be added to Landing Page

    5. Click Save

*Ensure the field type is correct as changing the field type after Go-Live will clean the data.

*Ensure the label is translated in all languages

  1. Refresh the fields created

    1. Open transaction OData API Metadata Refresh And Export

    2. Click Refresh

  1. Add fields to the Landing Page

    1. Go back to Manage Career Site Builder

    2. Select Tools and Click Data Capture Forms

    3. Edit the Data Capture Form using the Pencil

    4. Goto Layout Tab

    5. + Add all the fields (a few are from Candidate Profile and a few from Candidate Profile Extension)

      1. Select Required – if it is mandatory.

    6. Click Save


  1. Finalize the page

    1. The URL will be updated as per your fields and share the URL with your Client

  1. Reporting

    1. Select Recruiting from the Main Menu

    2. Click the Candidates Tab

    3. From the Activity dropdown, add the Data Capture form.

    4. Search to Run the report.


My requirement was for the Client to create a Landing Page where they are running a campaign aimed at collecting University student's profiles for Internship and Graduate Programs. Instead of creating a specific position, a QR code has been provided and printed on a banner. Candidates can scan this code and upload their resumes, which will automatically build a database.

Tip: You can use a QR Converter tool available online and use the URL from step 3.5 to convert the URL.

There are numerous other use cases where Landing Pages play a pivotal role in Recruiting Marketing. As a company that has implemented SAP SuccessFactors recruiting, it is essential to gather organic and genuine candidates for skill mapping, maintaining diversity, networking, and for future opportunities.

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