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In Performance form we were able to rate Goals and Competencies ,but what was missing till now was to rate the Skills ,with Talent Intelligence Hub we can now pull the Skills in Performance form and can rate them as well in same way we were able to rate Goals and Competencies.

Note : We can rate Job specific ,Core as well as Custom skills.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Talent Intelligence Hub is enabled

Note :

  • Data in the screenshot is not real data ,it is taken from Sales demo instance.

Steps to Configure :

Configure the attribute Core skill in Talent Intelligence Hub

Navigate to Manage Talent Intelligence Hub and click on "Attributes" and then click "Create" button


1.Choose the Attribute Type as Skill from the dropdown list (Mandatory step).

2.Enter the Name of Skill (Mandatory step).

3.Enter the Description of the Skill (Optional step).

4.Choose status as Active (Mandatory step).

5.Select Tag as Core and click on Create.


New attribute of Skill type created successfully.


Configure the Core skill section in Performance form.

1.Navigate to Manage Template>Select your Performance form Template>Edit Fields and Sections>Add New Section>Select Section Type as "Attribute" and click on add.


2.Relabel the section name as per the requirement and select

  • Attribute Type as Skill
  • Section Type as Core and save.

Note : Under advance option do select "Include the ability to rate" and select the Rating option type as per client requirement.


Launch the form after making above changes to rate the PM form skills and lets see the outcome


Navigate to Performance from Home dropdown list and select our Performance Form ,we can see our newly configured "Skills Section" is visible


Providing the rating to the skill ,in our case i have given the Top rating as "3" for this skill



Send the form to completion using Route form to see the outcome on Employee's Growth Portfolio


Navigate to Growth Portfolio to see the Final outcome ;Rating is successfully flown to Growth Portfolio.


Hence validation successful.

In this way we can configure and rate the skills in Performance form which was not possible in past ,but in Talent Intelligence Hub enabled instance we can configure and rate both Job specific ,Core and Custom skills.

Hope this blog was helpful to our SF consultants, please do like and share the blogs with others so they can utilize this new functionality for their Clients.














Thanks for information Mridul. Good to know that.


Great read. Very informative! 

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Nice article! Thank you for sharing with the community.



Abdul Hakim

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