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We’re seeing some good growth in content relating to SAP Enable Now in the SAP Community, which is becoming a go-to resource for users (and potential users) of SAP Enable Now. In my opinion, one of the most useful sections is Questions - where anyone can ask a question about SAP Enable Now, and get answers from the Community members. But as it grows, we need to exercise a bit of discipline to make sure it stays useful - especially as a future reference.

With that in mind, here's a few guidelines for when you're asking a question:

Before you ask a question, do a quick search to see if it has already been asked and answered. To do this, click on the See All Questions link (at the bottom of the questions list on the SAP Enable Now Community Home page) and then use the Search box in the SAP Enable Now banner to search only in this community. Do not use the Search button (magnifying glass) at the very top of the screen - that will search all SAP Communities.

When asking a question about an issue, provide as much (relevant) information as you can. For example, are you Cloud or On prem; do you use SSO; are you referring to a simulation project or a Book Page; what system have you connected Web Assistant to, and so on. If you are asking about functionality, be specific about what you are trying to do. For example, instead of asking "How do I use audio?", ask "How do I use audio in a simulation?" or "How do I capture audio during recording", or " How do I trigger audio playback on a Book Page?". If you create the question from within the SAP Enable Now Community, it will automatically be tagged with "SAP Enable Now", but you can add other tags, if necessary - say, "Installation", "Web Assistant", and so on. This will give Community members a bit more context, and maybe encourage them to answer if that is their 'area of expertise'.

Then, have patience when waiting for an answer; the SAP experts are very good about responding to questions promptly [thank you all!], but most Community members are just other SAP Enable Now users like you, offering their help for free, as and when they can.

Once someone replies to your question, review the reply, upvote it if it was helpful (or downvote if it was not - but comment why), and if it answers your question or resolves your issue, make sure you come back and mark it as answered. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • Other Community members may have the same question and find your question by searching for it (see my first comment about searching, above!). If you have accepted the correct solution, they will immediately see this and know what to do, instead of having to scan through all the responses to see if it was successfully answered and what that answer was.

  • The more 'diligent 'solvers' (especially the SAP experts) can filter the Questions list to show only questions without an accepted answer, so they know which ones they still need to look at.

  • In the spirit of 'gamification', Community members get 'points' for accepted answers (and upvotes), and can earn 'badges'. It's not much, but when you're devoting your time for free, it's nice to get some recognition - so be friendly, and give thanks!

(At the time of writing there are 136 questions showing as "Without accepted answer" - and most of these have actually been answered. So if you have asked questions in the past that have been resolved, please help keep things tidy by going back and accepting the answer.)

If a response does not help, add a comment against the answer, explaining why, and the Community members will try again (we all like to see questions successfully answered!).

Finally, a few tips when responding to a question:

If you need to ask the original poster for clarification, enter a comment against the question - only enter an answer if you have a suggested solution. This will make it easier to identify actual answers, and flag the best one.

If you answer a question, again be sure to include as much relevant information as necessary - instead of saying "Select Spell Check", say "Select Spell Check under Producer > General in your settings". Remember that the person asking the question may be less familiar with the product than you are, and may not necessarily know what you think is 'obvious'!

As I stated at the outset, this is shaping up to be a great Community page, and we're seeing a lot of SAP Enable Now users helping each other out. Let's make the most of that, and keep it going!

For more information see the following (general) SAP Community posts: