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Yes - you have heard it right, the "Compound Employee" API in OData format is available in Integration center from Q1 2017 releases. This is still in "BETA" version and not yet available for production usage.This can, however, be used for evaluation, testing, and prototyping.

Now an employee file can be generated easily with Just one API from IC.


Steps to enable this feature


Login to provisioning

1.Choose the instance in which you want to enable the "Compound Employee" API ( BETA) for Integration Center".

2. Go to "Company Settings", make sure  "Employee Profile data audit" is checked

3. Go to "SFAPI Feature Settings" - enable the checkbox against "Enable Compound Employee entity in Integration Center"

4. login into SF instance and go to "ODATA API Dictionary" ( one can directly search this on the search screen or can navigate via Admin Centre->ODATA API Dictionary)

In the "Search All" option type "Compound_" and search, you should be able to see the Compound Employee ODATA API's

(if you are unable to see this, do ODATA API Metadata refresh)

5. Open Integration Center and switch to the beta view by adding the suffix BETA to the URL:

Open Integration center and at the end of the URL add "_BETA" and press "Enter"

*UPDATE -  as of 1708 release we don't need to add "_BETA " suffix anymore.

Create an Integration( does not matter File, XML or EDI) and in the search, you should be able to find the CompoundEmployee API.

Simple employee file generation

In this example, I will show how the Compound Employee ODATA "BETA" API can be used to extract employee data from various portlets and a simple file can be produced.

I've chosen few fields from the biographical portlet

Select the navigations - As mentioned in the screenshot, in this screen it allows the only first level of navigation at this screen ( if you notice, Job and compensation are not visible here as those are under Employment). However, any field can be added in the field configuration screen.


Give the integration an appropriate name. I've selected Simple header, which will add column header in the output file.

go to the next screen - this should display all the primary fields for the portlets selected. For example, for Email - email type field would appear.For national id, card type field would appear.To add more fields click on the "+Add" button

To add a new field, in the search box, type field name and then "compound"( as shown in below screen).Here the field  "position" from Job information.

In the next screen, last modified date, and last run date parameter is populated ( considering this is an incremental interface)

SFTP server, folder, filename etc details are populated


Upon running the integration, a file is generated on SFTP Server.