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Absolutely true, we are aware that candidates can use the Google Map Job feature to search for jobs and locate specific ones within their respective locations without any difficulty.

Have you noticed that SAP has progressed so much that using Google Job Map and the Unified Data Model is now easier? Yes, SAP has improved the unified data model for a new search experience, which now enables users to search for jobs within specific categories as well as across all career sites, as previously mentioned.

The Unified Data Model Career Site Builder initiative has resulted in career sites adding the ability for candidates to view their search results on a Google map.


  • The Career Site Builder is enabled by the Unified Data Model.

Find out how to enable SuccessFactors Recruiting for new career sites, which includes job search and layout choices that can be manipulated through the Unified Data Model.

Follow these steps to create an integrated Google job map for the search results page.

Step 1: To enable Google Maps on your career site, go to Layouts --> Search Results--> General and set Enable Google Job Map, then click Save.


Note: An integrated Google map is automatically added to the search results page of your career site that is enabled by the Unified Data Model.

Step 2: Navigate to the Search Experience tab in Appearance Styles Global Styles-->Brand and click on Job Map to change how your location markers look on the job map.


An explanation of each choice in the Job Map:

  • Location Marker Color – Allows you to select the fill color for the location marker.
  • Selected Location Marker Color – Allows you to select the fill color for the location marker when it is selected.
  • Location Marker Border -Provides you with the option to display or hide the border of the location marker. The default is Show.
  • Location Marker Border Color – The border is invisible if you choose to hide it, but you can still enter a color value here.
  • Location Marker Style – Allows for customization of the number's appearance inside the location marker, including font color, font stack, and font size.
  • Google Maps Configuration – This field is empty by default, but it's meant to allow you to customize the map itself, without interfering with the location marker settings.


Make sure that the (list) and (map) icons have the color settings that you wish for when in Appearance Styles Global Styles-->Brand-->Main.

  • Button Background – Sets the background color for the list and map view buttons.
  • Button Font – controls the color of the outline around the icons.

When you enable this feature, the search results page displays two new icons on the top-right corner of the page: a list icon and map icon.


The integrated Google job map can be viewed in the default search results view, and location markers indicate the locations of jobs listed in the search results.

Zooming in on a specific geographical area is evident in the following image.


Selecting a location marker on the Google job map generates a job card as shown in the following image:

  • Using the arrows is a way to navigate between multiple jobs in a location.
  • Three lines of text are displayed on each card along with the job title.


Climax note: Job requisitions contain generic job location objects that are used in the map. If job requisitions don't have street address, city, state, country/region, and ZIP code, they won't be visible on the map.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Your feedback, questions, and suggestions are highly valued. Happy learning😊

More Information:

To get more official documentation and a look at Google Job Map Integration for Career Site Search Results:









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