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Competencies are set up as part of platform feature and need to be maintained in BizX. Once these competencies are setup and we know which competency library need to be exported, it can be scheduled to export a provisioning job known as competency library export. This job places the file on SFTP folder and from there it can be pulled in LMS by scheduling a competency connector SF.

Following steps need to be done to get the competencies in to LMS –

  1. Set up the job in provisioning.

  2. Check SFTP location.

  3. Connector Settings – Common & Competency Connector SF.

  4. Schedule Competency Connector SF job.

Step -1) Go to provisioning --> Choose company ID --> Manage schedule jobs --> Create New job.

  • Add job name: I have given <Competency Library Export>.

  • Job Owner: Enter Admin user.

  • Job Type: Competency Library export.

  • Job Parameters: Export GUID radio button and choose <Library name> in Competency Libraries (Ex: Competency Library)


  • Host Address:xx.xx.xx.xx:22( IP address &port).

  • FTP Login/Password: {userID}/{password}.

  • SFTP Protocol: Checked.Click on Test connection to check if connection is working as expected.


  • File Path:/.

  • File Name: Give your file name->, xxx is tenantID in LMS.

  • Before starting the Job click on "Test File Put Permission" button and make sure it is Successful.

  • Enter the start Date and time.

  • Click create job.

  • New Job is created in the manage Job Page-Click on action dropdown and choose submit. The job is submitted.


Step -2) Now the next step is to verify that the job is executed & returning results.

Login into SFTP-->Go to the file path -->


Step -3) Now the next step is to configure the competency connector. Go to Learning administration --> system admin --> System configuration --> Connectors. Check that the file path & SFTP details are maintained correctly.



Now the next step is to go competency connector & Maintain the default values for following properties.



Also check if the following property, If configured true , category ID will be read from input file.

Step -4) Once these properties are configured we need to schedule the competency connector. To schedule the competency connector, go to –-> LMS admin --> System Admin -->Connectors--> Competency connector – SF.


Schedule the competency connector as per the below steps

  1. Select schedule this process

  2. Select Frequency of the run whether Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly

  3. Time of day if daily

  4. Time zone.

  5. Email address – to notify.

Once the job is run successfully Competencies can be seen in LMS.