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SuccessFactors Presentation is a very strong tool which is broadly used by Manager/HRs to create and present interactive presentations that include dynamic SuccessFactors content.

In presentation, we have a functionality of Sharing. Using this functionality, we can share our created presentation with different individuals in organization.

Sample Presentation Sharing Screen:

Sharing of presentation with individual is very easy, we have to select the Add Individual Radio Button & type the individual name to whom we want to share the presentation.

Now, if we want to share the presentation with a group then most of the time we get confused about the group. If we select Group Radio Button it shows drop down of group but with no value. Then we start find here & there how to create group to share presentation. Though it is very simple but sometime very simple matter takes long time if we are not aware of the process/steps. In this blog, we will discuss how to create groups to share presentation.

Prerequisite: To create group for presentation sharing we have to enable Dynamic Groups V2 (My Groups) in provisioning. Implementation partner can do it from provisioning.

Sample Provisioning Screen:

When the Provisioning activation is done, we can create our own group from SuccessFactors Instance. Groups created by a user, are visible only to the user only who created them. No one except the created by person can access the Group.

Let’s Create the Group:

In the Home Page, we have Options.

Click the Options & you will have the section for Group

Click the Groups & system will give you detail to create the group

Provide Group Name & the conditions for group.

Now group is created & it will be available to the sharing option of presentation

Screen before creating the group: No drop-down value available for group


Screen after creating the group: Drop-down value available for group


Important Configuration input for Group: If requires we can further restrict the fields available in My Groups configuration by explicitly listing the field id's which can be done by an SAP-SuccessFactors support person in the Employee Files Data Model, using the <dg-filters> tag as shown below.