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I started some time ago the discussion about this topic but the previously considered solutions would lead to limit the available functionality:

How to limit the visibility of candidates to some recruiters only

Our consultant has recommended some solutions and I like to present the one we have chosen for realization and soon we will test it - probably you will have something to add or warn us about weak points. In view on the change we like to introduce the solutions seems very "light" and "elegant" (because it doesn’t lead to limitations of available functions.

In three points:

  1. 1. Additional checkbox in view V_GEN_JOB_INFO to differentiate the requisitions for management positions - differentiates also the "long" road map form management candidates while the candidates for crew positions have only very short.

  1. 2. Creation of new authorization object for the role of recruiters who have the access for all candidates while the rest has access only to candidates without application to an offer or who applied but on non-management requisitions

  1. 3. Extension of the class cl_hrrcf_m_quick_search_ui (post_method), and method start_quick_search to cover in the search candidates marked in table HRP5102 as applying for management position.

I count on your input especially because security and performance matters.