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Hi there!

As a consultant, like any of you, encountered a lot of known and unknown issues while implementing SuccessFactors LMS. Few are very common, for which, we start googling for an existing KBA or post it in PDC, wait for the subject matter experts respond. These are unavoidable for any type of consultant. This blog is all about those common issues which we face while implementing or using SAP SuccessFactors LMS and will also see how to resolve them.

Also, these days, most of you might have experienced the situation, where the clients, during implementation or post-implementation, ask for a document that lists all the commonly faced issues. Have seen people discussing these kinds of requests coming from every corner. This led me to think of writing this article, where I tried to bring the most common issues together, like one-stop-shop. I hope, this blog will help in real-time for those who are busy implementing SuccessFactors LMS and the same can be used as a quick guide after the system is live.

I am listing the top 10, which we often face. I also shared a few SAP KBA's under the issues which might have multiple scenarios for the cause. Some of you while reading, might think of any other errors/issues which are frequent and is missed out, please post them as a comment.


  1. Item showing 'Enrolled/Not Available' on the User Learning plan along with Enrolled status

Issue: A user enrolled into an online course by an admin shows 'Enrolled/Not Available' on the User Learning plan

Resolution: The cause for this issue is that the Item being referred would be a Blended type of item that has the online content associated with it, but the online content has not been made available for launch. This is the most common mistake we do and realize later.

As you all know, we need to change the settings at an item -> online content -> settings (online content settings) -> switch on “Content is available for launch” to make it available for launch.

Once the setup is done, the status would show Enrolled in the user learning plan.



  1. HTTP error while importing the content through Import content tool


When attempting to importing content using the import content tool, an HTTP Error is thrown.


If this error occurs, there might be multiple causes, let us see the most and frequent cause of this error:

This issue has been seen mostly using the Firefox browser. The same file will get imported successfully using chrome browser or Internet Explorer

Also, as per the system requirements, SuccessFactors recommend using Internet Explorer 11. Also, try to avoid special characters in the title of the content.

Finally, check with your IT team whether the traffic for below sites is allowed:




You can also find a few more scenarios which might cause this error in the below KBA



  1. “Item does not exist “- Error when uploading the learning history

Issue: When uploading the learning history through import tool, file fails with message “, item doesn’t exist “

Resolution: Check for the Item ID in the file and correct it. The data provided on the feed file should match LMS' data.

  • Lookup with the existing data file to get the correct id with exact item type

  • Avoid any extra spaces in the id

  • Always remember, the item id is case sensitive


  1. Error initializing communications with LMS – frequently faced while user launching a course

Issue: an error has occurred: Error initializing communication with LMS


Error: "Please report the following error to your system administrator:
java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method of a null object loaded from local variable 'vox'

Resolution:  Remove the course from users' learning plan and assign it back. The main cause for this issue is after the user is assigned with the course, an admin performs changes in the Content Object within the item level but does not reassign the course to the user.


  1. Failed to authenticate SAML Response- Validation Error When accessing Learning


When a user tries to access Learning, the below error is received.


Enable third party cookies in the browser used to access LMS. Settings vary from browser to browser, as you can see the below screenshots taken from various browsers. Hence, check your browsers help files for instructions on how to enable third party cookies


  1. Item not appearing in User catalog search

Issue: Sometimes some courses are not visible for all the users even if able to see other items in the same catalog (library)

Resolution: This issue happens mostly with revised items. Removing the item from the catalog and adding it back refreshes the database and populates the item SKU ID in the catalog to fix the issue.

Note: in the latest LMS Admin UI, you cannot edit the Library SKU, this was an editable field in the old interface.


  1. "Browse all courses" not showing the items even though user is part of catalog

Issue: User is unable to search for the items that are part of a catalog to which he/she is having access

Resolution: User needs to correct the language used when searching, User can manually change the primary language. This can also be defaulted via “Options & Settings” in the links tab – Home page.


  1. External Submission Default Process ID is not defined. Please contact your Administrator – Validation Error

Issue: A Learning user is unable to successfully make an External Request.

Resolution: The error is due to the Approval Process settings, External Submission Default Process ID and External Verification Default Process ID are not configured with any value. Go to System Administration -> Configuration -> Global Application Settings -> Approval Process Settings – Select the desired approval processes and apply changes.


  1. Please report the following error to your system administrator

Issue: Few times a user receives an error message while attempting to take a course, similar to the screenshot below:

Resolution: Clearing the affected user's browser cache resolves the issue. Additionally, using a browser with private or mode where cache is not stored may also need to be performed after clearing the cache.

Or to identify the exact cause, the admin can user reportStackTrace to troubleshoot the issue. An administrator can set reportStackTraceToUser to “True” under System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > LMS_ADMIN. The process of attempting the course can be replicated once again, to see full message of the error.


  1. "404 File or Directory not found" error when launching content

Issue:  Error 404- File or Directory not found encountered when trying to launch the course with the successfully imported content

Resolution: Again, these kinds of issues have multiple reasons. Here I will talk about frequently found issue while troubleshooting. One of the main reasons for this error is “directory” missing from the URL prefix under deployment location. Go to System Administrator > Configuration > Content Deployment Locations. Add the directory name in at the end of the URL prefix.

Also check the content objects under content, ensure there are no spaces in the content URL under the launch method.

Few more possibilities are listed in the below KBA:


I hope, like other blogs of mine, this too will add some value while implementing or working on SuccessFactors LMS.

Please stay safe and stay healthy. See you soon with a new blog ?

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