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In most cases, customers want to verify the new hire data before moving Onboardee to manage pending hires.

Finally, With the recent release, SuccessFactors provided us with the flexibility to add a step called “Final Review ”.

Final Review is an optional configurable step on the Process Variant Manager. This step can be added to your existing active workflows after personal data collection, additional data collection, or document flow. 

Then, the process owner/onboarding coordinator can verify the full information that was entered by the Onboardee during the onboarding process before the new hire moved to Manage pending hires for the hiring process.

Note: The Final Review step can only be added to process flows where personal data collection is already present.

Here are the details steps to design the same in SuccessFactors.

1- Create/Modify Process Variant Manager:

Create a new process flow or update an existing Onboarding workflow by adding the Final Review step in the Process Variant Manager.


2- Add the Final Review Data Correction Message Template to the active email template list:

Add Final Review Data Correction Message Template using Reusing Preconfigured Email Templates under Email Services.


3- Assign a Responsible Group for Data Review:

Configure the Assign a Responsible Group for Data Review business rule scenario. Select Onboarding from the Process Type dropdown if you want to configure a business rule for New Hire Data Review or Final Review. Select Offboarding if you want to configure the rule for Employee Data Review.


4- Rule for Onboarding Task Participant Configuration:

Select the instance of the rule for Rule for Onboarding Task Participant Configuration and Rule for Offboarding Task Participant Configuration in Admin Center>Manage Data>Onboarding Configuration> DEFAULT_ONB2_CONFIG (DEFAULT_ONB2_CONFIG).


Once added to the workflow, the responsible user can review and edit the new hire data or request a correction from the new hire on the Provide Personal Data page.

On selecting the Review Completed button, the new hire appears in Manage Pending Hires as Ready to Hire once all the other configured onboarding tasks are complete.


Alternatively, if the responsible user selects the Request Correction button, the Request Personal Data Correction pop-up is displayed, where the responsible user can add a comment explaining the reason for the correction request.

When a correction is requested, personal data collection is reopened, and both the new hire and the responsible user receive email notifications. The Provide Personal Data page displays a pop-up with the responsible user's comments.


Note: If the responsible user edits the new hire data and then requests a correction, changes are automatically saved.

Images are taken from SuccessFactors Sales Demo and Implementation Guide.
SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Implementation Guide.

Please feel free to provide your feedback or thoughts in the comments.

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great blog, thanks for sharing! 

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thanks for sharing!

has anyone experience that the document signing will still appear after the final review?

Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing the step-by-step implementation for this new feature. 

Unfortunately it does not work properly with the data in the custom objects. When requesting the data correction from the onboardee, the template does not populate all the data, which has been entered by the onboardee previously. 

Does anyone also face the same issue with the data of the custom objects? 

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Thats a great blog and details shared will truely make the config clear.

Though I have two questions regarding the behavior of this step -

Q1 - Once request correction is done, then one email will trigger to Candidate and PDC is repoen for them. So now when Candidate will open PDC step, prefilled information will be visible or candidate has to fill all details again. (I assume it will be prefilled based on the values added earlier).

Q2- Once request correction is done, values given in ADC step will remain as is or that again candidate has to fill n update? this is because in Onboarding restart scenarios, we can't keep ADC data and candidate has to re submit ADC information again.


Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the blog. We have tested this and not sure if this is linked to some of the current issues with the new journey introduced and being looked at, but adding this step is creating alot of confusion for the onboardee for a few reasons:

1. although they will have completed all the necessary actions before it goes to the final review stage, in the onboardee homepage the last task will still show as to be completed.

2. if you send back the personal information after final review, all of the tasks after the personal data step show as locked: Capture.JPG

But once more the homepage shows no more items to complete.

Is anyone else having similar issues with the final review? Is there a configuration that we missed so that it tells the onboardee that their submission has gone to final review step?

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Hi Experts,

Has anyone experience that the Document flow is not triggering after the Final review even though it is part of the process variant? What's happening to us is that the Document Flow step does not appear again after the final review changes on PDC and ADC. Meaning, any changes made after final review, do not reflect on the form and signature step is not triggered. So the form now is not updated and not in sync with the updated information.

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