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This is not an April fools joke; SAP released 11 notes today as a result of the eRecruitment customer connection program.  This is great news for those on the on-premise eRecruitment solution.

It also demonstrates what has been discussed previously that SAP is rightfully using the customer connection program as a vehicle to channel the reduced on-premise development funding into those areas which affect their existing customers most. In my opinion this makes perfect sense, if you are looking for future customers to buy 'cloud' offerings, why not listen to your existing customers to improve the on-premise talent solutions.

Below is the name and OSS note for the new improvements.  Hopefully some of them remove your problem areas.

1. Channel Management - Improvement of publication of channels -

2. Separation of private and business mail address for internal candidates/recruiter -

3. Set posting channels inactive -

4. Printing questionnaires (Fragebogen ausdrucken) -

5. Channel Management - Add Job Postings -

6. Forwarding of candidates for evaluation to more than one manager -

7. Reference-Code Search (Referenzcode-Suche) -

8. Channel management - Improvement of posting texts -

9. Job Search: Wrong selection criteria 'work location' -

10. Worklist "My Planned Activities": New Button "Complete Selected" -

11. Wrong status of application / candidacy -

UPDATE 08/04;

The eRecruitment customer connection project has been moved to 'USE' status. 16 initiatives delivered, 11 still n progress. See link for latest updates.

FYI - This was done via my iPad so hopefully formatting is ok.