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From HR to HRAI

In the fast-paced world of modern business, organizations are continually searching for inventive methods to optimize their HR procedures and improve the overall employee experience. As the demands of the modern workplace evolve, HR departments are under pressure to increase efficiency in operations while providing strategic value.

Luckily, new technologies are emerging that can help HR transform and better support today's workforce. One cutting-edge solution that has become hugely influential is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has greatly influenced the field of human resources, with applications ranging from virtual assistants to personalized recommendations.

HR professionals can explore ways to streamline processes, train employees, and help their organizations succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape by understanding these innovations. In this blog, we will delve into how AI-powered technologies are revolutionizing HR practices, as well as how SAP, a leading industry player, is incorporating AI into its comprehensive HR software solutions.

Before diving into the extensive subject of AI, let me put few key differentiators between Generative AI vs Predictive AI vs Conversational AI:

AspectPredictive AIGenerative AIConversational AI
DefinitionAI and ML technology that analyzes HXM data to make personalized recommendationsGenerative AI combined with the context of business data and business processes in the flow of workAI-driven chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand and provide answers to many requests or perform certain tasks
AI in SAP SuccessFactors

·  Talent intelligence hub,

·  Job Analyzer,

·  Career Explorer

·  AI-powered writing assistant,

·  Interview question generation

Chatbots for HR inquiries, Virtual HR assistants for employee self-service, Interview scheduling and candidate screening, creating positions, etc.

·  SAP Digital Assistant
Data RequirementsRequires historical data and patterns to make predictions effectively.Requires a large dataset for training, often with examples of the content to be generated.Requires access to conversational data and human interactions for training and understanding context.

There are various ways that AI technologies can enhance HR systems and processes. Within its HR platform, SAP SuccessFactors utilizes three main types of AI - Predictive, Generative, and Conversational - which are applied differently to help HR professionals and employees. I shall talk about this further in the blog. Keep reading!

The Power of Built-In AI Across the SAP Portfolio

SAP believes AI capabilities should be fully integrated into core business systems from the start. That's why SAP infuses AI throughout its extensive portfolio, built using industry data and process expertise.

SAP's Business AI solutions span the major processes powering ERP, spend management, CRM and HCM. With ready-to-use AI solutions integrated directly into SAP applications, customers can immediately gain foresight and improve efficiency in business.

Using pre-built capabilities or custom models:

    • SAP AI is built into the foundational systems driving critical functions
    • Its extensive industry knowledge enables accurate, contextual intelligence
    • Processes are imbued with AI from SAP's responsible development approach

Additionally, SAP AI Core/Launchpad allow for specified model deployment in SAP apps. While the SAP AI Business Services enable bringing custom intelligence into your own applications.

Picture credit: SAP

How Predictive AI Supports Fair Hiring in SAP Success Factors

Predictive AI can be a powerful tool for helping organizations make fair and informed talent decisions. Within SAP SuccessFactors, Predictive AI powers a key feature called Job Analyzer that promotes fair hiring practices.

Job Analyzer leverages machine learning and historical applicant data to help HR create the strongest possible job postings. It analyzes past job descriptions and candidate pools, to identify potential unintended biases. And then provides specific salary and language recommendations designed to enable the most diverse, qualified talent to be attracted to new openings.

This predictive capability helps flag gender-biased terminology or pay rates that could dissuade certain groups from applying. The goal is to give all candidates - regardless of gender or background - an equal opportunity to view themselves in a role and want to learn more.

How SAP SuccessFactors Leverages AI for Personalized Career Development

When it comes to career growth, one-size-fits-all approaches often fall short. With Career Explorer, SAP SuccessFactors employs machine learning to deliver personalized career recommendations. Powered by AI, Career Explorer analyzes an employee's profile, skills, and the paths of similar colleagues to suggest new opportunities.

Rather than restricting employees to traditional hierarchical career paths, Career Explorer explores alternative moves taken by peers with shared interests and experiences. Through an AI-driven approach that respects individual preferences, it identifies unseen opportunities employees may not have otherwise discovered.


Career Explorer

These personalized recommendations are accessible both within the SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace and standalone Career Development Planning tools. Employees can proactively explore what's possible based on their unique strengths and aspirations. This shows how integrating AI into talent platforms can help both workers and employers maximize potential through data-driven, personalized guidance.

SAP's Talent Intelligence Hub Will Unlock Personal and Organizational Growth

In 2023, SAP will fully release their Talent Intelligence Hub - an AI-powered platform aimed at maximizing talent potential on both the individual and organizational level. At the core of the Hub is its ability to gather meaningful data on skills, attributes, and professional interests.

Using machine learning across varied data sources, the Hub's skills ontology continuously identifies the capabilities of each employee based on their responsibilities, experiences, and accomplishments over time. This holistic view of skills at both the individual and global scale guarantees that strategic decisions are based on real-time insights.

Serving as the foundation for proactive talent development, the Hub makes it effortless for individuals to document who they are and connect with customized growth opportunities. Its growth portfolio and attributes library give employees effective ways to showcase expertise and their aspirations, and this provides a data-driven approach that allows HR to make decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information.


    • The Talent Intelligence Hub is what drives our entire talent development strategy


    • It’s the driving technology behind Opportunity Marketplace, Dynamic Teams and our new learning experience


    • But it's also about making talent intelligence available across the entire suite.

Use of Responsible Generative AI in SAP SuccessFactors

SAP recently announced new collaborations that will harness the power of generative AI to enhance talent experiences. One such integration is between SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft's Azure Open AI service. This will introduce capabilities for recruiters to create hyper-customized job descriptions based on SuccessFactors and external data.

Furthermore, an upcoming use case will prompt interviewers in Microsoft Teams with interview questions suited to each candidate's resume prior to meetings. Both functionalities will incorporate built-in bias checks to support inclusive hiring.

SAP is also collaborating with Microsoft to bring generative AI assistants to SuccessFactors users. The Writing Assistant collaborates with hiring managers by using enhanced job descriptions created in Word and taps into SAP SuccessFactors data as well as Copilot, an intelligent bot within Office 365, to provide unbiased suggestions and improved descriptions.

These planned integrations demonstrate SAP's commitment to usefully leverage generative AI's potential while upholding responsible and ethical practices.

Writing Assistance to Interview Questions

In addition, generative AI assists with interview question generation based on candidate resumes, job descriptions, and related positions. It uses a candidate's resume information alongside the job description and data from similar roles; generative models can prompt interviewers with context-rich questions specified for that individual prior to meetings. This not only saves time for recruiters and hiring managers but also ensures a consistent and fair interview process.

Built-in bias checks further support this functionality by flagging any questions that could introduce unintended bias into the process. The end goal is to ensure interviews evaluate candidates fairly based solely on qualifications.


Transforming the HR Experience with Conversational AI

In the age of AI, chatbots and virtual assistants are poised to revolutionize how employees interact with HR. SAP is at the forefront of this change with innovations like the SAP Digital Assistant.

Powered by natural language processing, the SAP Digital Assistant acts as a helpful digital companion available across the SAP ecosystem. On SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Start, it can understand a wide variety of queries and guide users through critical HR tasks and information discovery.

Going beyond basic chat, the SAP Digital Assistant offers smart interactions for a more seamless experience. This motivates employees with instant, self-service access to their HR needs and data. For any exceptions outside its abilities, the assistant smoothly escalates questions.

It provides an always-on, human-like interface, that is transforming HR into a more responsive, lower cost service model. And its guided workflows and fallback mechanisms ensure a consistent experience.

Looking ahead, conversational AI has tremendous potential to personalize the employee journey through contextual recommendations. Combined with automation and data-driven insights, it will optimize HR operations while shifting the focus on quality experiences.


SAP SuccessFactors Has Revolutionized HR Industry

Across recruiting, development, and day-to-day support, AI is revolutionizing how organizations engage and enable their people. Applications like chatbots, skills analytics, writing assistants, and predictive tools are streamlining processes while delivering personalized experiences. They also promote diversity and inclusion through unbiased insights.

SAP has emerged as a leader in this new era, developing versatile AI solutions integrated into its comprehensive HR platform. From the Talent Intelligence Hub to the Digital Assistant and beyond, SAP's offerings exemplify AI's transformative potential. They provide HR with the tools to work more strategically while enhancing the entire employee journey.

AI in SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Predictive AI

·       Talent intelligence hub,

·       Job Analyzer,

·       Career Explorer
Included with Platform Licenses
Generative AI·       AI-powered writing assistant, Interview question generationRequire additional licenses.
Conversational AI·       SAP Digital AssistantRequire additional licenses

As the modern workplace evolves amid rapid technological change, embracing AI will be integral for any organization committed to innovation, efficiency, and talent well-being. Those who leverage AI to improve the hiring process and meet evolving employee needs will gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent.

Moving forward, AI will continue redefining norms and setting new standards for how we develop, engage and inspire our greatest asset - the workforce. Visionary providers for AI solutions like SAP are paving the way towards this AI-powered future, with the continual improvement in employee experience and success of clients. This marks an exciting new chapter for human resources and work cultures worldwide.

Keep an eye on the forthcoming announcements at SuccessConnect next week to discover exciting collaborations and AI-driven solutions worth exploring.