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Most of them has a thought and try to build a business rule to work based on one portlet onto another portlet. But they do not work. Hence lets see some examples and requirements and solutions as below.


Scenario 1:

Need to propagate Pay Component information to the Pay Component Recurring element in employment information, using an OnChange rule set against a field in job Information.

Create a business rule as per below, and assign the rule as onChange to the Manage Business Configuration > JobInfo> Desire field on Job Information.



When you change the location value, the Compensation Information pay component recurring info does not change.

The propagation of values across portlets cannot be carried out using an OnChange rule



The system not support OnChange rules in order to set cross portlet fields. This behavior is only supported with the use of the OnSave Trigger.
Please create your rule and set as OnSave on the element in which we see the first if condition value.


Scenario 2:

  • Requirement to update Job relationship Name (HR Manager) with Job Information Supervisor

  • How to create a business rule to automatically update job relationship name when changing supervisor/manager in job information?

  • Login to instance

  • Go to Employee profile

  • Take action > Change Job and Comp Information

  • Change Supervisor/Manager field

  • Save

  • This change should automatically update Job relationship HR Manager



  1. Go to Configure Business rule

  2. Create a new Basic rule

  3. Base object: job information or job information model

  4. Create business rule as per the image



Save this business rule in Manage Business Configuration > jobInfo HRIS element > Trigger rule section as "on save".


Scenario 3:

Cross portlet rule to add a record in job information portlet based on data in compensation and job information portlets

  • If condition checks value of fields configured in compensation and job information portlets

  • System should set a value to a field in job information portlet

  • Value should be added in job portlet on saving data in compensation portlet



  • To check  if paygroup field in compensation portlet is NULL And company in job information portlet is Best run company

  • It should set value to time profile field in job information portlet if above condition gets satisfied

  • Add rule as onSave trigger in compensation element

Create a rule with base object compensation information model . Check below screenshot



Scenario 4:

We have a cross portlet business rule between Personal Information and Job Information. This rule is onChange rule on Job Information field Time Profile. It does not get triggered.



Create a business rule as shown in the attachment. The Base Object is Job Information and Personal Information is a Parameter.

Using parameters in Employee Central rules with Job Information, Compensation Information, Personal Information as base object does not work.



It is not possible to have a cross portlet business rule between Personal Information and Job Information (OR) Compensation Information.


Scenario 5:

You have configured a business rule which will be triggered when certain field in job information is changed.

The rule you have created is a cross-portlet rule, for example, will create a record in comp info based on the information given in the job information for that specific field.



You have noticed that although the field which triggers the rule is being changes by the position to job sync, the onChange rule is not working.

  1. go to the position orchart and edit one position;

  2. after you edit the position via position orgchart you can see that the sync was triggered;

now check that the cross portlet rule did not work because the value that should be updated in the other portlet was not updated;



SF do not support onChange rules being triggered by the position to job sync process specially when they are cross-portlet.


So this are few examples or Scenarios which might be helpful for you to understand the cross portlet business rule functionality.


Hope this was helpful.


Thanks a lot.

Venkata Subbarao Pathangi
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Thanks for sharing these Tips. That´s very helpful.
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