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Introduction - Currently I have been part of SuccessFactors Time Management implementation project for leading Insurance company based out of Canada, I have come across some challenges in SF time off configuration hence I would like to share my findings with the help of new release with you.


Client Requirement –

There were so many requirements with challenges however, I would like to share this one because it may help you to build logic in SF time off with the help of new release functions.

When employee request leaves from their entitlement, it should get deducted as per policy instead of schedule working hours from the work schedule.

Example – Employee is requesting a vacation with 7.5 or more number of hours based on work schedule however, only 7 hours must be deducted from quota instead of number of hours derived from planned working hours (WSR).

Step 1.

Create a Business Rule to deduct 7 hours from deduction quantity.

Rule Explanation:

In this rule, we are setting up the deduction quantity to 7 hours, Client only has 7.5 hours of work schedule hence 7.5 hours is updated in If condition.

If employee is recording leaves for more than one day, the deduction quantity should be 7 hours for each day to be deducted from time balances.

Step 2.

Update rule in absence counting configuration through manage data. Included the weekdays from the “Weekday Selection” field to include only certain weekdays that should be counted.

Step 3.

Update Absence Counting Configuration in Time type through manage data.


All are set from the configuration side. Now let’s see the system behavior.

Employee records vacation absence from 9th to 13th October 2023, total deduction hours as per WSR are 37:30 hours.

7 hours are deducted from time balances for each day for multiple days as per rule.

This is end of this knowledge artifact. I hope this will be helpful if anyone come across with such requirements in SuccessFactors Time off.

Warm Regards,

Shilpa Shinde