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In this blog, you will learn how to configure Collision check for Absences/Leaves with Overlapping Dates.

Let us say an Employee is on approved "Annual Leave" from 08-Oct-18 to 12-Oct-18 and on 10-Oct-18 the employee might needs to apply for "Bereavement Leave" because of unexpected circumstances.In Normal Time Off Set up,the employee while applying the Bereavement Leave will get below error and the employee is unable to apply the new leave:-



This Scenario can be handled by Setting up Collision Check for Absences by following below steps:-

Step 1:Navigate to "Manage Time Off Structure" and Create a new "Time Type Collision Group" for "Bereavement Leave" as Below:-

Step 2:Navigate to "Manage Time Off Structure" ,open the "Bereavement Leave" Time Type and modify the "Collision Grouping" field with the Time Type Collision Grouping value created in Step 1:-



Step 3:The next step is to link the Bereavement Leave Collision group created earlier to other leaves in the system.To do this,Navigate to "Manage Time Off Structure" and Create new "Time Management Collision Resolution" with Incoming Grouping as Collision Group name created in Step 1:-

Now you are done with the setup.


Now it is time for testing the configuration done so far by performing some quick tests.Employees apply for Bereavement Leave on 10-Oct-18 where the Annual Leave from 08-Oct-18 to 12-Oct-18 is already existing in the system.He receives a warning message that the existing Annual Leave will be cancelled and a 2 new Annual Leave absences will be created in the system to accommodate the newly created Bereavement Leave.The error message no longer appears.

Notice how the existing Annual Leaves are first cancelled (Yellow) and then Splitted into 2 parts (Red Color) with different dates to accommodate the newly created Bereavement Leave on 10-Oct-18.

Conclusion:By setting up collision checks, you can control exactly how the system deals with absences with overlapping dates.Sticking with above example of an employee who wants to apply a Bereavement Leave while on Annual Leave, you can specify that a new absence will be created without a collision error, and the existing absence will be canceled automatically. If the new absence doesn't completely cover the one that has been canceled, then another absence will created for the remaining time. The collision check works regardless of whether the new absence is imported into the system or created from the Time Workbench screen.

In the absence of collision check, the HR/Manager would have to manually cancel the existing leave and then create a new one.