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If you are interested in an SAP Training career but are not sure of the process, read my story narrated below to have an idea of the steps.

It's NOT difficult as you think, you can make it. Here's how it has worked for me and it can work for you as well.

My Story

It's SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management Academy course, to be run, in Jakarta. I'm asked by the local Education Partner if I can deliver the training. I have worked on learning assignments earlier, have Subject Knowledge, Qualification, and Experience, and am free at the moment, so I happily accept the offer.

However, just the acceptance isn't enough, I've to provide a demo, with my own material, to the SAP Team, of Training and Solution Consultants, to showcase my skills. I prepare the slides to use in the presentation. In the session, I'm assessed for my abilities and approved to conduct the THR82 training.

I'm excited about this opportunity for many reasons. Two years ago, I was planning to come to the same place, to attend another training, but couldn't. Now I'm in the H Tower in Kuningan Business District, to help other SAP Consultants with learning the Talent Management component of the HRIS.

I create a training plan, to cover the 22 Units, 72 Lessons, and 40 Exercises in 8 days. It's good to know that all trainees are from SAP HCM Background, like me, and therefore have a good understanding of implementation and support challenges.

Starting from an introduction to completing the coursework, we explore the training system (provisioning and instance) together and help Donna Director, Manny Manager, Edward Employee, HR Coordinator, and a few more fictitious characters, with managing the Goal Setting and Performance Evaluation processes.

Finally, the Group Goal which was set at the start is met on the 8th day, when we complete the training. We celebrate and evaluate our performance, in light of what we've learned together, to do it even better in the future should such an opportunity arises again.

  • Trainees, who are working for an SAP System Integrator, are now set to deliver SuccessFactors PMGM Project,

  • Training Organizer, which is an SAP Education Partner, now has access to additional HCM/SF expertise, and

  • Trainer, which is me - an SAP Consultant, has now made the move, from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors, officially.

How to be a Trainer?

If you are an SAP SME and have skills in Training Delivery, you have a Potential to be an SAP Trainer. Follow these simple steps to achieve your goal.

  • Get in touch with the local Education Partner, and show your interest & relevant qualifications.

  • If you manage to convince them of your abilities, you'll need to provide a training Demo to SAP Education Team.

  • In the demo, you should be able to provide an introduction, subject briefing, and answer some Subject/Training related questions.

  • Upon successful demonstration, you'll be notified by the training organizers, on the necessary arrangements (including billing).

  • Before starting the course, prepare your schedule for the training days and share it with the trainees and the coordinators.

  • Follow the schedule, make the training fun, and make sure that the objectives of the training are met.

Skills You Need

Even though your experience at Implementation Projects or Support Roles is valuable, the Training assignment mainly requires additional/different skills, including

  • Ability to communicate well. Mind you, it's more about how the listeners understand you, not how you speak. So be aware of cultural nuances.

  • Presentation skills, which isn't about the slides you refer to/read. You should be able to present the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Capability to read the emotional cues, to understand what your audience wants and to react accordingly, because not every learner asks the questions.

  • Problem-solving skills, to be able to handle different situations, as not everything always goes according to the plan.

Your Assessment

Your training skills are evaluated before and after the training, by

  • SAP Education Team, to assess how good you're in introducing the subject, explaining the topics, answering the questions, and handling the session.

  • SAP Learners, to evaluate what did you do best and what you should improve, in terms of the skills mentioned above.

So if you have skills in any of the SAP Module and fancy teaching others, you may find the Training Career interesting.

Any comments/questions/thoughts? 
Active Contributor

Well narrated Faisal,

Seriously looking for an opportunity in training.

I am experienced in Sap MM and good in training. Will this career give long term gains than a job.





Active Contributor
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Hi binoy.vargis1

The training (end-user, project team, or academy) development and delivery is very interesting activity. One learns more by helping others. I wish you all the best. Hope you get the opportunity very soon!
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Hi Faisal,

Indeed, a great post. I completely agree with the points you mentioned. I myself is associated with SAP Education India and partners for classroom and university training program for technical module (ABAP & HANA). Trainer is a first person with who the fresher's get associate, these training sessions plays a major role in SAP learning journey. Good to see that more SAP Consultants are joining SAP Trainer role.
Active Contributor
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Hi sachin11.sanake

You have mentioned a very good point i.e., a learner's experience during the training days serves as a foundation to his/her professional career.

Training and Education is a great field. In addition to (SAP/SF Consultant, Admin, Project Team, and End-User) Training Delivery, I also have worked (earlier) on other training roles (from content development to technical documentation) and love this job.

Good to know about your interests and I hope to hear more about your experiences and key learnings 🙂
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Where can we get the information about local Education Partner? Any pointers on this?

Active Contributor
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Hi anuprita_deshpande

You can find education partners through the following link;

Please choose the location, from filters, to see partners in your target market.
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Hi faisal.iqbal

Thank you so much for this info...very useful !!
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