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A lot of new functionality is coming for the SAP SuccessFactors Q3 – therefor I have decided to produce multiple blogs for the different areas I work with currently. This blog is concerning the Q3 for analytics – I will not go through all the functionality, but only the parts I find relevant. Sadly no screenshots yet – you will have to wait.

Overall the Q3 major release is expected to give new functionality for the following areas:


  • Reporting

  • Workforce Analytics on HANA

  • Analytics in Employee Central

  • Workforce Analytics and investigate

  • Workforce Planning

Report center will now leave the beta phase and can be activated through the upgrade center by the customer. This opens up for creation of new reports from one single location, the reports are heramong:

  • Adhoc

  • Online report designer

  • Tiles

  • Dashboards

The customer will be able to add custom labels to the reports in report center, this will assist the customer with organizing the reports into categorize that follows the customers requirements.

The customer facing dimension editor – enables customer to edit own dimensions that are not generated by them – and this without involving SAP. Minor fix MDF objects with “long names” can be used now.


Customers will get the best practice analytics out of the box after go-live with Employee Central, SAP have selected the most essential key analytics. The analytics is pre-configured by SAP, and is delivered with fast OLAP (Online analytical processing) technology. The reports are embedded in the tiles within the homepage, and give the customer a quick insight into the most important HR metrics. The above analytics can be disabled by the customer in the upgrade center.


The customer queries will be backward compatibility for queries that originally was created in Query Workspace. So that the customers can reuses queries and refine these to their requirements.


The customer’s admin or functional consultant is now able to create plans and sub plans utilizing the different ways that organization entities are interlinked. An Ad Hoc reporting Schema for headcount planning is expected to be included, the customer can build reports relevant to them.

Anders Bang Christoffersen, I did it my way. Started as soldier and later HR clerk in the Danish Army, so I know what the HR admin tasks are. Ended my education with a Master in IT, is working with SAP SuccessFactors at Zalaris HR Services. If you have questions – please reach out.

Best regards

Anders Bang Christoffersen, SAP SuccessFactors Consultant, Center of Excellence SAP SuccessFactors Zalaris HR Services


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