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You can add Business Configuration UI configurations and Foundation Objects to a bundle and transport them using Configuration Transport Center. This enhancement in the Business Configuration UI and Foundation Data Objects page eliminates manual configuration efforts in the paired target system.



The Add to Transport Bundle option is now available for:

Refer to the following table for additional information regarding the Add to Transport option.
Feature Where? Notes
Business Configuration In the View page of the HRIS Element in Business Configuration UI, choose Add to Transport Bundle under the Take Action dropdown. You can add HRIS Elements, HRIS Actions or Employee Profile Elements to a bundle to transport data to a target system using Configuration Transport Center.
Foundation Objects In the Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures page, search for the foundation object (for example, Location). In the Take Action dropdown, choose Add to Transport Bundle. You can transport data of Legacy Foundation Objects using Configuration Transport Center.

Configuration Requirements

You've created a transport bundle in Configuration Transport Center.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Administrator  Manage Foundation Objects  Transport Legacy Foundation Data.

You have the Administrator  Configuration Transport Center  Access to transport configurations.

In the View page of the HRIS Element in Business Configuration. Choose Add to Transport Bundle, under the Take Action dropdown.


In the Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures page, search for the foundation object (for example, Location). In the Take Action dropdown choose Add to Transport Bundle.



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Hi Sadia Kurashi,

Thanks for the info.

I have a question,

If we make changes to data models using Configuration Transport Center, Will those changes get recorded in Import/export data model screen in Instance. I mean backups and new changes will be created to download in instance for future reference. ?

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