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What is Absences-only recording?

  • Employees record only absences like leave times. Illness, vacation and they won't record the time-sheet.

  • This time recording method will applicable for the employee who receives a set compensation
    package where no overtime is recorded or paid.


Many customers don't want to allow their employees to record the timesheet as they fall under the categories of part-time, executive level, etc. Instead of hiding the timesheet page via RBP or configuring the time validation rules, we can go with the option of absence-only recording, where employees will be able to view the timesheet but won't have access to record it.

Configuration steps

  1. Time valuation period

  2. Time recording profile

  3. Assign the time recording profile to the employee job information

Defining the First Day of the Time Sheet Week

Not all working weeks begin on the same day. Define the first day of the week so that the time sheet accurately reflects your employees' working week.

Admin Center > Manage data > Create new a "Time valuation period"

Time valuation period

Time recording profile

Time recording profiles bundle various time types and allowance types. You also use time recording profiles to assign a main attendance and a main break time type to employees. If employees use time accounts, time recording profiles define if a manager must approve of an accrual of overtime in a time account. There are separate fields for working time accounts and for Toil accounts.

Admin Center > Manage data > Create new a "Time recording profile"

Time recording profile

Assign the time recording profile to the employee job information

Go to Employee profile > Job Information > Time Information > Time recording profile.

Job Information


Once the above configuration is completed successfully, you can view the output in the employee profile.


Time sheet page


As a result of reading this blog, you will be able to configure the Absence-only time recording in SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet.

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