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Have you ever attended an SAP DemoJam or similar event? How did you like it?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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As we get ready for SAP DemoJam at TechEd, it would be interesting to know who's attended one before? Perhaps you were in the audience, or on stage, or behind-the-scenes helping out - would love to hear from you. What have been the highlights from previous events?

You may have already seen the call for proposals for 2023 at SAP TechEd?
Become one of the stars of the SAP Community: Submit your proposal for SAP DemoJam!
We can't wait to see the entries from the community! Maybe some of you will attend or enter?! Please let us know in a comment below.

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I am a startup founder from Delhi-NCR & my organisation Kneogin Igmisarch Private Limited is a pre launch bootstrapped company currently incubated at JSS STEP, Noida a leading Technology Business Incubator (TBI) & at Wadhwani Entrepreneur Network, Liftoff Cohrot 7.1 under the SIDBI Delhi-NCR Innovation Cluster. 

I registered for the SAP Spend Connect, New Delhi which was held earlier this week! Unfortunately due to last minute unforeseen commitments popping up I wasn't able to attend. 

My sincere apologies to the entire organizing team for the no show, I am sure the event was a great success! 

Also, really happy to Join this community & learn more about SAP solutions!

Sincere  Regards,
Kaushik Neogi

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Nice to e-meet you @kaushikNeogi !!

That is unfortunate that you could not attend the event. I'm sure there will be lots more events you can attend. Are you based in Gurugram? Please make sure you "join" or at least subscribe to get notifications in one or more of the India location groups. You can also bookmark our Events board.

It's exciting that SAP TechEd will be held in India this year, at Bengaluru, although that may be a huge distance for you to have to travel?

Happy to have you join our community. Please be sure to reach out in case of questions.

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Hi @Katherine_K same here very pleased to e-meet you! Surely there will be I  look forward to it & also will definitely explore & join the relevant location groups & communities! I am based out of Ghaziabad it's the other side of town just a hour and half away! 

That's great news, having this years event hosted in India will surely attract a lot of international Industry colleagues to Bengaluru, I  am sure it would be great experience for them!  It's not that big of a deal, a couple of hours by flight & an overnight journey by train. As a fact I have one of my in-laws working at one of the software testing teams at SAP out of Bengaluru.   

Once again thank you for such a fast response, much appreciated & it is nice to e-connect! 

Yes indeed @kaushikNeogi - it will be a great event. Don't forget that you can attend that one either in person or virtually. Find out more about SAP TechEd. In person has a registration fee, but virtual registration will be free of charge. Registration is not open just yet but feel free to sign up to be notified:

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I'll surely keep an eye on the registrations opening, will try to get a pass & attend in-person, if not possible for any reason will definitely join virtually!