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Community Manager
Community Manager

If you’re new to SAP Community and based in Ireland, then I am here to help you get started.

SAP Ireland has long established offices in both Dublin and Galway with professionals from many diverse lines of business. SAP Community is available to everyone in the ecosystem, whether an SAP employee, customer, partner, student, or simply a technology enthusiast.

Lately I’ve been approached more and more by people locally with varying degrees of knowledge of what SAP does and with different types of questions such as:

  • Are there any training materials that can help me get an overview of what SAP does?
  • My company partners with others who use SAP, how can I learn more about the products and technology?
  • How can SAP Community benefit me and others who work in my team/company?

There isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to the questions and therefore I’ve compiled a starter kit with some useful links for you to look at in your own time. In case of questions, there are ample opportunities to reach out or to meet up in person!

Starter Kit:

  • Take a free SAP Learning Journey to discover the fundamental aspects of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Strategy. Identify how SAP Business Technology Platform has redefined enterprise business and explain key end-to-end business processes in Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing, Production, and Sales, and Service based on business examples of a sample company. Gain an overview of the integration points between the different departments and the various SAP solutions.
  • Join our Welcome Corner and start with this blog post:
    Welcome all SAP Community members, start here!
    Learn about our tutorial tour of SAP Community, Q&A, how to write a blog post and more!
  • Click on “Join Group” here in the Galway group to receive notifications of local information and events, such as the next meet-up/SAP Stammtisch.
  • From another city or town in Ireland? Our location groups on SAP Community are city-based. Community members create and curate their own groups! Just so happens that I am based in Galway and created this group. Read about location groups and how to start one of your own.
  • In general, you can stay in touch with what is happening in SAP Community by subscribing to our What’s New board via Options -> Subscribe.

Join Group - Galway.png

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time via private message or even by leaving a comment below. As mentioned above, there is also the possibility to meet up in person in an informal setting!! Just reach out, I don’t bite!!

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