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Reach out to instructors, professors, SAP experts or your peers.
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Digital Skills Initiative

Hello SAP Team,I am Bryan Chumpitaz, and this post is to express that I am very interested in this learning opportunityI am a person who performs military service in my country, Peru, and at the same time, I am a first-generation university student.I...

Digital Skills Initiative Interests

Hello All,I am really interested in Digital Skills Initiative and want to upskill myself in SAP. I am working as test engineer from last 3 years and now want to switch my career and find opportunity in SAP.I Identify as a person in the below categori...

Hello, my name is Avisekh Kumar!

Hello SAP Team and fellow students,I'm excited to learn SAP and am writing to express my interest in joining the "Digital Skills Initiative".I've always been curious about SAP's powerful role in technology and business, and I'm ready to dive in and m...

Avisekh by Discoverer
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SAP First time exploration

Hi everyone, I'm Mahfoud from Morocco , my searchings bring me to the #SAP Community , I'm a professional with 17 years of experience and I decided to change my career using my background and  experience in Banking and Finance field to the SAP path ,...

Mahfoud by Explorer
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Digital Skills initiative

Hi..!I want to participate in the digital skills initiative. I recently moved to Canada and am looking for a new job here.It would be very helpful for me to upskill with the latest technology and obtain the certification.Thank you everyone for this g...

Digital Skills Initiative

Hello @David_Chaviano & SAP TeamI identify myself as a person in the below categories:Minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location.First generation college students.I am Anuj Mistry from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I am C...

CA-Anuj by Explorer
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Application for SAP Digital Skills Initiative

Hi @David_Chaviano and team,Thank you for the SAP Digital skills initiative to help the underserved and deserving candidates. I identify myself under the following categories:People looking to switch their careers mid-life.First generation college st...

Digital Skills Initiative

Hello SAP Team, I am Patrick, and this post is to express my interest to be part of this opportunity.I am one of the "minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location" specifically the Philippines, where there is a huge gap ...


Hello,My name is Leonard, and I am currently a teacher teaching at a university who is interested in switching careers. I hold a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Finance. I come from a minority community in my country, who are marginalized by the go...

Digital skills initiative

Hello,I am interested in the Digital Skills Initiative.  As a life-long learner, I always take the initiative to teach myself concepts and subjects to expand my skillset.  In the past I've learned to edit films, web development and computer science a...

Exploring the Key Components of SAP MM

Hello everyone,I'd like to kick off our discussion by delving into the world of SAP MM (Materials Management). SAP MM is a crucial module in the SAP ecosystem, and it plays a vital role in the supply chain and procurement processes of organizations. ...

Digital Skills Initiative

I'm excited to express my gratitude for the opportunity to join the SAP community. As a fresher in the field currently working in SAP HR, I understand the importance of continuously improving my skills to stay competitive. I'm aware there's much more...

SAPHCM by Discoverer
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