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Why AUFNR internal order' s field is not populate in BSEG table?

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Dear All,

I posting a billing document from Equipment in IS-U FI-CA and trasport it whit reconciliation key to FI, but is not populated the AUFNR field (internal order), in BSEG table.

Why?Help me please

At the moment I have configured all data below:

T_code ES32 ------------> Equipment -> Actual Contract -> Cont. CO

T_code SPRO -> Accounting -> Contractual Current Account -> Basic Functions -> Transactions and Documents -> Document -> Store CO Accounting Key for IS-U Contracts -----------> Cont. CO -> Profit (PRCTR) and Order (AUFNR)

T_code OBC4 -------------> Status field group -> Include facoltative OrderCO + CustomerOrder + PurchaseOrder

The PRCTR up correctly into the BSEG table, but the order dasn't appear...

Thanks in advanced


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Adele,

Before checking BSEG, Upon posting of the FICA documents, can you see the internal order in the table DFKKOPK ?