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What the difference between Non leading ledger v/s Extension ledger

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Non-Leading Ledger

Extension Ledger

Nonleading ledgers created Supplements to the Leading ledger (Parallel to the leading ledger).

An Extension ledger always must have a standard ledger assigned as an underling ledger

Non-leading ledgers are not integrated with Logistics & control. But it is integrated with Asset accounting and integrated with Parallel valuation of Actual COGM.

Extension ledger cannot be integrated with Controlling & Asset Accounting & Material Ledger.

Postings to the Non leading ledger do not impact any other Ledger.

Postings to the Underlying ledger also apply to Extension Ledger.

Data in Non leading ledger is reported upon the Nonleading ledger only

Data in the extension ledger is reported upon, Data from the underlying ledger is always accessed and displayed together with Delta posting.

Currency types for non-leading ledger by default copied from Leading ledger first 2 Currencies remaining 8 currencies maintained as per Business requirement.

Currency type for Extension ledger by default copy form Underling ledger

If needed each nonleading ledger may have a Different fiscal year variant, a Posting period variant Different for LL.

The extension ledger will copy all parameters like Currency types, FY, and PPV, Except the Posting period variant remaining unchangeable.

Nonleading ledgers consume the database

Possible to post Ledger-specific postings

The extension ledger won't consume the database, it derives data from the Standard ledger

It reduces the data Footprint.

If you want to post Ledger-specific Posting, we have to Maintain Document types/ Number ranges.

Nonleading ledgers need to Activate Manually for individual company codes.

Extension ledgers no need to assign to company code

The company code assigned to the underlying ledger will be assigned automatically to the Extension ledger.

Is this my understanding is correct

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Very nice comparison...!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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