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Validation: Infobojects combination in input enabled query (BPC11.1 Embedded)

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Hi Friends,

Created AO input ready query for planning. Out of 5 infoobjects in row axis. 3 objects works like combination IOBJ-A, IOBJ-B, IOBJ-C. (IOBJ is stands for infobject).

IOBJ-A has values 1,2,3,4

IOBJ-B has values 11,12,13,21,22,23 (here first letter of IOBJ-B indiates IOBJ-A value)

IOBJ-C has values 111,112,211,221 (here first 2 letters of IOBJ-C indicates IOBJ-B value)

In input query, system prompt error msg if user selects wrong combination. How to meet this requirement?

Please provide your valuable suggestions.

System details: BPC11.1 & AO 2.8 SP6

Thanks, Veera

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Answers (1)

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you have two options:

1 Use compound characteristics, e.g. C is compound to B and B is compound to A and maintain the master data values you need.

2 Without compounding you can use a characteristic relationship that contains the characteristics A, B, C; in the exit relations implement the logic you need, i.e. in CHECK do the check of the valid combinations.