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Using FIM or Datalink in Financial Consolidation?

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Hi experts!

In SAP Financial Consolidation it is possible to import data using a datalink or using FIM (Financial Information Management). So it seams that there are two modules solving the same problem. FIM requires the installation of additional software (servers) and by that it increases the complexity and maintenance effort of the landscape. My question is, when to use which type of technology? We want to read data from an S/4Hana system as well as from an SAP BW system. In addition we want to write data into the SAP BW system. Is it possible to implement both use cases with datalink or do we need to use FIM?

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Hi Frank,

FC used to only have DataLinks (versions before 7.0), and you may have noticed, it is rather limited in its functionality.

To overcome this, FIM was developed (initially, you could only load to FC with FIM, by now, almost all EPM products can be used, and BW etc. can be used as source)

Without knowing all your specific details, I would dare say that DataLink will not be sufficient for you. FIM would be the better option.

PS. I assume you know that FIM effectively is a layer on top of Data Services. You can also create jobs directly in Data Services (and either use FIM to run these jobs, or directly in DS)

FIM is really a layer to enable business users to create and run ETL jobs, without the need to understand Data Services (which is more IT driven)