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User Access Review email issue

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Hi Experts,

Currently I am trying to configure User Access Review for one of our client and while testing I just found that two mails are sent to the role owner for review on running the UAR Review Update Workflow .

A. Mail with instruction which is configured under User Review -> options

B. Submission mail configured from email reminder

The things I have done till now is listed below:

A. Configured and run the Role usage synchronization in ERM

B. Configured the connectors, LDAP, request tupe and priority, user data source for User access review in CUP.

C. Import roles in CUP with Role owner

D. Configured workflow for User access review approval in CUP.

E. Configured SMTP server, Email reminder, service level in CUP.

F. Configured group mail in CUP.

G. Configured User review in CUP with admin option set to yes and reviewer Role owner and inserted url for review instruction.

H. Run UAR Review Load Data to allow Admin to review request

I. Run UAR Review Update Workflow to allow reviewer to review the user access review request

J. Mail is sent to role owners to complete the review.

Everything work as expected but the issue comes here when the mail is send to role owner to complete the request.

The role owner receives two mails - one with instruction on general tab in the request and the other as a result of submision from email reminder.

A. mail with instruction on general tab: This mail is having no subject and has a link with the label "View" which is misguiding. It is only when you open the link the instruction comes on the page usnder General instruction tab. When you click on User Access this will give the option to approve or remove the role from user.

B. Submission Mail from email reminder after the job is run shows the content of submission mail configured in email reminder, still the link just display the user with roles assigned and can not be used to aprove or remove roles from user.

I tried to run after removing the insturction url from user review setting, still two mails are sent to role owner for approval request. This time the instruction mail is without any content in the body of General information tab.

Please let me know if you come across this problem and if there is some solution to send one consolidated mail with subject, body and instruction for role owner to complete user access review.


Abhimanu KUmar Singh

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Did you ever get this resolved? having a similar issue