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Usage forecast without external system

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in general it should be possible to include a usage forecast in the billing forecast of Subscription Billing, as described here:

It seems, that this only works if the usage is requested from an external system and not if the usage was entered manually e.g. via Fiori App "Usage"?

I tested it out by myself and

1. Created a backdated subscription based on a rate plan that includes (among others) usage based charges

2. Published some usage manually in the Fiori app for the last months

3. Performed a change on the subscription to trigger the creation of a new billing forecast

4. Requested the billing forecast via API call.

The resulting billing forecast only shows the recurring fees and the usage based fees have amount 0.00€ - see:


My question is now if it is not possible to get a usage forecast based on manually entered usage data?

Thanks and kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Fabio,

the scenario described by you is not supported for manually processing through user interfaces. The usages entered manually via Fiori App "Usage" are not considered during forecast generation. The usages can be created only by the action from the outside upon receiving Usage Forecast Request Event from Subscription Billing. Usage creation is achieved by sending POST request containing usages on /usage-records/$batch endpoint. Usually, this request is sent automatically by external system but can be sent also manually. For more details about the request, you can look on UsageRecord API documentation. In addition, be aware that while sending usages via endpoint, the used atomicityGroup must match the sequenceNumber from Usage Forecast Request Event.

Let us know if there is any further question from your side.

Best regards,


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