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USA SED export form

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Questions please on standard USA SED form 7525 V (Message P0360)

  • How to get Customs Reg no (ZREGNR or TREGNR) to print on the form
  • Which field or logic sets the flag on 'Parties to transaction' as Related or Non related.


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It depends on your environment.

The related party flag can be manually maintained on the Invoice tab of the Export Declaration (Affiliation). The Customs Registration Number is usually filled in with a reply from the customs authority when you successfully file directly with GTS.

So, are you filing directly with GTS?

Regards, Dean.

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hymanti.arup Many thanks for the reply Dean

We are filing directly with GTS though Customer still stuck on 'needing' forms to be printed.

Appears Related party flag populates on /SAPSLL/CUIV table so must come from S4 or ECC Invoice. Pls do you know which field on the Invoice?

I know about Customs reg no. tks. Just that after receiving it, Customer want it on the SED print out but it does not print out by standard.

Hope OK if I slip in 'Routed export transaction' where USPPI authorizes Forwarder to export. What triggers this too pls? Tried using Forwarding agent in many partner roles but no joy.

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