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US retaliatory duties management in SAP GTS

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Some of our imports from the US come under the tariffs that are subject to the recently applied retaliatory measures. I cannot find any SAP notes explaining how these should be managed in GTS nor can I identify what they should be mapped to if, indeed, there is an already relevant duty type. Any advice would be gratefully received. An example number is 7318166090 which now carries 25% and is classified in the tariff as 'Additional Duties' rather than 3.7% (3rd Country) . Thank you

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Hi Jasmit,

how do you know the link between Chapter 98/99 codes and the original codes in order to code it?does it information you check on Customs website


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We build a complex ruleset to determine the applicable 98 and 99 chapter codes for each line item on an import declaration. The info made available in the US Tariff book was leveraged for the same