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US retaliatory duties management in SAP GTS

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Some of our imports from the US come under the tariffs that are subject to the recently applied retaliatory measures. I cannot find any SAP notes explaining how these should be managed in GTS nor can I identify what they should be mapped to if, indeed, there is an already relevant duty type. Any advice would be gratefully received. An example number is 7318166090 which now carries 25% and is classified in the tariff as 'Additional Duties' rather than 3.7% (3rd Country) . Thank you

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Update for anyone finding this old message ...

See SAP Note 2679657 - Adding customs duty rate conditions to the product master and customs document (master SAP Note).

This enhancement enables you to define customs duty rate conditions as master data in the system and link it to the tariff number. For example, a customs duty rate condition can represent an anti-dumping case in the USA.

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Hi Jasmit,

how do you know the link between Chapter 98/99 codes and the original codes in order to code it?does it information you check on Customs website


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We build a complex ruleset to determine the applicable 98 and 99 chapter codes for each line item on an import declaration. The info made available in the US Tariff book was leveraged for the same

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Hi Shiv,

Based on OSS Note # 2670729 , SAP has clarified that they do not support Chapter 98/99 codes tying back to the original codes. Let me know if you hear otherwise.

We went ahead and did a custom development in order to support the same requirement.



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Hello -

For US imports, we are planning to implement additional tariffs to account for Chapter 98/99 HTS codes duty rates (25%) over and above he standard duty rate. I have applied the master note and many other notes to activate B105 duty type under B7 and added to calculation schema. However, I am unclear on how the system will determine the relation between primary HTS code and this additional HTS code. Where do I set this relation? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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There are now 3 relevant SAP notes:

2678016 - Upload of customs duty rates with category 'Additional duty' not possible

2677817 - GB CHIEF: Implementing a new duty type to map additional duties

2678079 -.GB CHIEF: Sending of duty key A20 for additional duties

The data providers should provide the data for B013 which then maps to B105 per the SAP notes. Our data provider has now changed their file.

Hope this helps someone else in this situation! Thanks for your pointers Dave.

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Just an update - I see that SAP have created OSS note 2677817 but it ties to anti-dumping and still there is no word on how that maps to the PST data since there is no indication of the 'Duty Type from Data Provider' options being changed.


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I logged an OSS message with SAP on 18th July containing the following (and preamble per my question on here). This is for information in case anyone else is interested. No response from SAP as yet. Has anyone else had any indication of correction note being in the pipeline for this?


I have created a new duty type of B120 Additional Duties (copy of B100) and added it into the calculation procedure. I have also configured 'Maintain Customs Code Lists for Legal Regulation' for AARTY with A20 mapped to B120.

I need to configure 'Define External Customs Duty Rate Types for Data Upload' but there is not a suitable 'Duty Type from Data Provider' option. Our Data provider is PST who will use the '0695' code in their file. The only options available to map this to in GTS are:

B000 Anti-Dumping Customs Duty Rate
B001 Third-Country Customs Duty Rate / Standard Customs Duty Rate
B002 Customs Duty Rate "Most Favored Nations (MFN) - Bound"
B003 Customs Duty Rate "Most Favored Nations (MFN) - Applied"
B004 Preferential Customs Duty Rate / General Pref. System (ASP)
B006 Suspension of Duty
B007 Preliminary Anti-Dumping Customs Duty Rate
B008 Customs Duty Rate for Pharmaceutical Products
B009 Embargo Customs Duty Rate
B010 Duty Rate - Export Standard 'General Duty Rate'
B012 Duty Rate - Export Special 'Special Duty Rate'
B019 Airworthiness Suspension of Duty
B020 Duty Rate - Export Interim
B030 Excise Duty

None of which are appropriate. This must be affecting other companies. Is there due to be an OSS note to apply to allow this to be configured?

This is impacting our declarations as we cannot send them to HMRC if they contain tariff numbers that are affected by the additional duties. I am configuring in development but the lack of the above configuration is affecting live data.

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Hi again Dave

Yes, HMRC want the A20 code sent. PST have suggested they use B00X. They have since come back that they might use 0695 so I am waiting for a categorical answer from PST before I start any mapping! Thanks for the update.


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Hi again Emily,

I heard earlier that some of the Data Providers are using the Anti-Dumping duty codes for these tariffs. I very much doubt that CHIEF will accept an A30 code in this situation, so if that's the case with PST, I'd suggest temporarily re-mapping (in the Code List) from B500 to A20, unless you're also dealing with A-D rates at the moment.

It could also be worth checking with the CHIEF Operations team that A20 is indeed the required Tax Type.



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Thank you for your comprehensive reply Dave. We still use PST and I am liaising with them now to find out what code they will load the new rates against in their files so that I can configure accordingly in GTS. Yes, I will need to manage the A20 code.

Much appreciated and I'll update in due course.


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Hi Emily,

Good question. Actually, as I remember, and from what I can see in the system, GTS is capable of handling Additional Duty; should just need a little configuration...

My assumptions are that you are not using a Data Provider for the duty rates, and that the UK Trade Tariff: Box 47(a) tax type codes document issued on 01.01.2009 is still valid - according to that document, "Countervailing and Safeguard charge" requires the Additional Duty 'A20' code to be used in CHIEF.

  1. Identify or create a Duty Type to hold the Additional Duty - perhaps create 'B120' as "Additional Duty", with otherwise the same settings as 'B100'.
  2. Add the Duty Type to your Calculation Schemas (Import and Transitional) just below the existing entry for 'B100'.
  3. In Code List 'AARTY' ("Duty Type"), add an entry so that Duty Type 'A20' is transmitted for Duty Type 'B120'.
  4. Make the necessary duty rate entries for 'B120', presumably only for country 'US'.

Now the system should determine the additional duty, and it should appear in the outbound iDoc when you send the Import Declaration to CHIEF.

I hope that works for you. If not, then perhaps create an OSS Incident.