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US Changes related to IRS 1099 MISC and NEC 2020

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Hi, we have implemented 2919655 and sub notes updated version 5 in ECC. But, could not generate the forms due to 'No records were selected' message no. 7Q708, when executing the S_P00_07000134 report for 1099-MISC and an error that says 'Cannot determine data source in customizing omegle chatrandom app' message ID_WT003, for 1099-NEC process type. Can someone please advise how we can resolve this with steps if possible ? I would also like to know the variant we can set to see the 1099-NEC form and any pre-requisites required in the configuration to enable the 1099 MISC and NEC forms.

I have seen the previous post: "I am attaching the FORM "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" but still couldn't find the solution.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi James - did you see Venkata's thread? See

"KBA note - 2919655

2939225 - US Forms Legal Changes 2020

2987409 - US Legal change 2020 – 1099 NEC form

2978230 - Performance improvement for RFIDYYWT report for US

3010316 - US Legal Change 2020 - MISC1

3008444 - US Legal change 2020 – 1099 Files

FAQ note - 2973935" per Venkata

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