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Updating Convergent Charging Table Parameteres on Partner Agreement

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Hello Experts,

While creating Partner Agreement through API (SubscriptionOrderRequest_In) , we are trying to pass Convergent Charging Table - specifically Discount Table (class id CLS_DISCOUNT_DEFINITION), through below parameter

Path: SubscriptionOrderRequest_In -> SubscriptionOrder -> Item -> ChargePlanTableParam

This has three fields ChargePlanParameterUUID, ChargePlanParameterUseValue, ConvergentChargingTableID

Does anyone here know how to obtain these values?

It looks like below Convergent Charging related webservices are involved in creating Converget Charging Discount table (specifically Range table API)

Is there a way (a method / function) to call this services using ABAP from within S4/HANA BRIM system?

To create Mapping table in Convergent Charging

To create Range table in Convergent Charging

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Vishnu,

You can get this information as below from the below tables

CRMS4D_SOM_SPSD - Subscription Product-Specific Data

Pass the product guid to the below table

CRMS4D_SOM_VRSN - Cross Catalog Mapping Version

Pass the CCM version UUID

CRMS4D_SOM_CPAS – Charge Plan Assignment

Pass the charge plan assignment UUID

CRMS4D_SOM_PA – Charge Plan Parameter

Alternatively you can also use below API’s to read the information


You can also try Charge plan details maintained in CC from SOM System:

Use the Class CL_CRM_ISX_CC_CPLAN_FIND=>EXEC_SYNC_OUT, Pass the ENUMERATION as "Charge Plan Id"

Hope this would help for your queries posted.

Best Regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Uday,

Thank you very much for responding

I was able to obtained the Chargeplan Parameter UUID and Use value with your help and able to update the Table ID successfully following your advise

One more thing I would like to mention here is that when a BP is used for the very first time (not yet repicated to CC) and when we try to create the range table or mapping table through UI, the BP gets replicated through a separate CC webservice SUACProvisioningServices -> subscriberAccountMaintain

So in order to do this through API call, we have a created a custom webservice which works like below (taking example of Subscriber mapping table)

Successful call to the above new service will

1. Look up the Subscriber account / BP data in CC using standard consumer service SUACProvisioningServices -> subscriberAccountFind

2. If the Subscriber account is not in CC, it will then replicate the BP data using standard consumer service SUACProvisioningServices -> subscriberAccountMaintain

3. If the Subscribe account is found to be already existing in step 1 OR the new Subscriber account is registered successfully in CC through step 2, it will prepare the payload for standard consumer service SubscriberMappingTableManagementServices -> mappingTableMaintain

4. Once the Subscriber mapping table is successfully replicated in CC, then four parameters: Table ID, Charge Plan Parameter UUID, Cross catalog mapping version (latest released) and Charge plan parameter use value will be returned

Best regards,

Vishnu T