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Update from SAP FC 10.1 SP09 Patch08 (Build 2121) to SAP FC10.1 SP09 Patch22 (Built 3096)

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Dear all,

we'd like to update SAP FC SP09 to latest patch as IT is starting to rollout Windows11 on Laptops (Client machines). After installing the latest patch on Test environment I noticed that it is possible to connect from client machines running Patch08 to updated Application Server (Patch22) as well as to connect from Client (Patch 22) to Application Server (Patch08). Does anyone know if it is supported to mix those two builds of same Servicepack in production environment? I know general recommendation will be to run everything one the same build. However it would make update process much more (cost) efficient if we could leave client machines (which will be replaced within next 2 years anyway) on the old build while having Application Server on the latest Patch and beeing prepared for new clients running Windows11. Thanks in advance for your input. BR David

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