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Unable to get U_Lister and U_Seller Values

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Hi Kennedy,

Can please help me with this I am not getting the values of U_Seller and U_Lister with this code

Is any other way I can write?

SELECT T3.[GrpCode], T0.[ProfitCode], T3.[PrcName], T1.[TransId], T2.[AcctCode], T2.[AcctName], T0.[RefDate], Case T0.[FinncPriod] When 181 then '2020/001' When 182 then '2020/002' When 183 then '2020/003' When 184 then '2020/004' When 185 then '2020/005' When 186 then '2020/006' When 187 then '2020/007' When 188 then '2020/008' When 189 then '2020/009' When 190 then '2020/010' When 191 then '2020/011' When 192 then '2020/012' When 193 then '2021/001' End as 'Posting Period', case T1.[TransType] when 13 then 'A/R Invoice' when 14 then 'A/R Credit Note' when 18 then 'A/P Invoice' when 19 then 'A/P Credit Note' when 24 then 'Receipt' when 46 then 'Payment' when 30 then 'Journal Entry' else 'OTHER' end as 'Transaction Type', T0.[Ref1], T1.[Ref2], T0.[Ref3Line], T0.[LineMemo], T0.Credit - T0.Debit 'Balance', T8.Lister, T9.Dealer, T8.DocNum, T0.U_Seller as 'Lister Consultant_JE' , T0.U_Lister as 'Deal Consultant_JE' FROM JDT1 T0 INNER JOIN OJDT T1 ON T0.[TransId] = T1.[TransId] INNER JOIN OACT T2 ON T0.[Account] = T2.[AcctCode] INNER JOIN OPRC T3 ON T0.[ProfitCode] = T3.[PrcCode] LEFT JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT T6.U_Seller Lister, T6.AcctCode,T7.DocNum DocNum,T7.TransId TransId FROM INV1 T6 INNER JOIN OINV T7 ON T6.DocEntry=T7.DocEntry ) T8 On T8.TransId=T1.TransId and T1.BaseRef=T8.DocNum LEFT JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT T6.U_Lister Dealer, T6.AcctCode,T7.DocNum DocNum FROM INV1 T6 INNER JOIN OINV T7 ON T6.DocEntry=T7.DocEntry ) T9 On T9.TransId=T1.TransId and T1.BaseRef=T9.DocNum WHERE T0.[RefDate] >=[%0] AND T0.[RefDate] <=[%1] AND T2.[GroupMask] =[%2]

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