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Two different triggers into on BRF+ flat rule result for the HR Trigger into GRC 12


Hello GRC Expert,

My requirement is that whenever New hire happens ( only Employee ), not contractor, then BRF+ flat rule should Trigger the request to the GRC system and assign the Default role (Time Entry Role). I can pull the Employee type( Employee vs Contractor) and assign a default role. The only problem I have is how can I specify the condition if both conditions are met ( Creating a new account ( info type 0105) and have the employee type( info type 0001) with a new value or in our case, U4 should trigger the GRC request; otherwise, it should not.

Since the SLG1 shows two different logs with two different info types, field and field value, not in the one trigger, my question is, even I use boolean condition with and condition, do you think it will work? If not, any other suggestion will be appreciated

Below are two values I needed to add to my HR Trigger.

Info type Field Old Value

0001 PERSK U4

0105 USRID not initial

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Any suggestion ?