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TSCA Compliance through GTS

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Can anybody guide me if we can use GTS 7.1 to achieve the TSCA compliance? I have heard there is work around in GTS for TSCA relevant materials.

Can anybody throw more light on this?



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After going thru the TSCA Compliance documents in www, i think you can use License Management (Imports) functionality along with SPL & Embargo of GTS to achieve compliance screening for all your Chemical imports for lab usages for TSCA compliance.

But you would require it to be customized and some enhancements would be required is what am thinking.

Some of the key information required for TSCA:-

1. Vendor/Shippers details including address

2. The country specific regulatory norms can be acheived thru embargo (US to other countries)

3. With the help of License you can control the screening as per TSCA requirements

4. CAS numbers needs to used with ECCN functionality

I think you need look at how the printout of different forms can be done as per US govt regulations based on your transactional documents (i think enhancement is required)

There are many other things in those documents which i couldn't think of. I didn't know about TSCA compliance untill now, thanks to your query i learned something new.