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Treasury: Interest Rate Instrument TBB1 Postings

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Hi All,

Request advise on to manage the following points in SAP Treasury Transaction Manager: Interest Rate Instruments:

1. How to manage the postings in TBB1, if the payment is being paid directly to the Vendor by the Financial Institution instead of disbursing the money in the Companies House Bank account. How to manage such cases in FTR_EDIT and while posting in TBB1, along with Accounting Entries wherein the payment is being done by Financial institution rather than paying it in our bank account and then further paid to Vendor?

2. If there is a moratorium period applicable in the Loan (Interest Rate Instrument). How this be managed in FTR_CREATE wherein for initial 2-3 year only Interest to be paid. After 3 years, repayment with principal to be made.

Please advise on to manage both requirement.



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