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Transformation File Mapping variable account length

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I am creating a transformation file for which I have an issue with account length

The incoming txt file looks like this:

Version Account Accountkey Signeddata

Budget wer234   wer234101     10

Budget wer235   wer234102     20

Budget we235     we235104     40

In the transformation file Mapping area



AccountKey=*col(3,7:9)----------------the last three digits are the account keys


In the above example, the last three digits are recorded to the account key dimension; however due to variable length in the input file I am not able to record the last 3 digits exactly. Instead I am recording it as 101,102,04.

Any work around for this?

Further, I have to ignore '0' values in SIGNEDDATA but I am unable to do so using SKIPIF=NULL.

Is it possible to skip 0 values any other way?

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Hi david

Try javascript in conversion file for accountkey

And for ignoring 0 in signedata try with SKIPIF=0

Hope this helps...