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Transfer DTS package

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Dear support forum,

We are presented with the following challenge on BPC Microsoft version 5 SP6:

Via a DTS package we need to transfer data from one application to another. All dimensions are the same in the two applications except for the entity

and the time dimension (in periods). The member to which the data should be written is defined as a property in the Entity and Time dimension of the

first application. Once the data is transferred a custom logic and default logic should be ran on the transferred data on the second application.

The transfer of data works fine (used the keyword Rename Dimension). However when we try to execute the first custom logic (which is located in the second

application) the package returns the error that the dimension name is unknown, this is understandable since the logic is executed from the first application.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Danny,

How are you calling the custom logic? Are you using a seperate RunLogic DTS task in your DTS?

If that is the case, in the Assign parameters for the RunLogic task, replace %App% in

TASK(RunLogic,APP,%APP%) with your second application name in the Evmodify task ( Assign parameters task). If you dont find TASK(Execute formulas,APP,%APP%) line ,add this to the Data Manger Script. Here RunLogic is the name of the task you are using to execute custom logic.


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